Julius Caesar- ACT 3

people who try to convince Caesar to not go to the capital on the Ides of March Soothsayer and Artemidorus
takes Mark Antony out of the room, so that he can’t try to stop the conspirators from killing Caesar; only one that doesn’t stab Caesar Trebonius
kneels in front of Caesar and asks for a petition to bring back his brother who had been exiled from Rome Metellus Cimber
Metellus Cimber’s brother who was exiled from Rome; this petition to free him was how the conspirators isolated Caesar from the rest of the senate Publius
first person to stab Caesar Casca
last person to stab Caesar Marcus Brutus
most famous line in Julius Caesar and Caesar’s last words Et tu, Brute? (and you also, Brutus?) Then fall Caesar!
thing that shocked Caesar the most Marcus Brutus was in the conspiracy
where Mark Antony fled to when he heard the conspirators had killed Caesar his house
how Mark Antony symbolizes that he is no harm to the conspirators shakes hands with conspirators, who still have Caesar’s blood on their hands
three things that Mark Antony wants from the conspirators 1. wants to take Caesar’s body to the marketplace for funeral,2. wants to know why Caesar was dangerous, 3. wants to speak at Caesar’s funeral
What day was Caesar’s funeral? same day as death (Ides of March)
who of the conspirators doesn’t want Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral Cassius
regulations Brutus has for Antony’s speech 1. can’t blame the conspiracy in any way; to speak only good of Caesar; 2. tells Roman people he has permission of conspirators to speak;3. to speak after Brutus’s speech at the same place
speaking true words to him/herself; what Mark Antony does when he speaks to Caesar’s dead body soliloquy
what Mark Antony reveals in his soliloquy with Caesar he doesn’t want to join conspirators; it’s bothering him that he has to pretend he is
what Mark Antony calls the conspirators butchers
Caesar’s nephew Octavius
who warns Octavius that he shouldn’t be in Rome, and neither should any other Caesar Mark Antony
Brutus says Caesar was way too what? ambitious
reasons Antony said Caesar was not ambitious brought captives to Rome and gave the ransom money to the public treasury, cried alongside poor, refused crown three times
what does Antony say he has of Caesar’s? Caesar’s will
which stab Antony says hurt Caesar the most Brutus’
what Caesar leaves every Roman citizen 75 drachmas (silver coins) and usage and walks in his private land (which will be made into public parks)
what the citizens (mob) are going to do kill conspirators and burn their houses
who flees from Rome after the killing of Caesar Brutus and Cassius
the conspirators kill this poet because he has the same name as one of the conspirators. Cinna the poet
knows of the conspiracy and wishes Cassius, “I wish your enterprise today may thrive!” Popilius Lena
How many stab wounds did Caesar receive? 33
How does Brutus explain Caesar’s murder to the people? He said he loved Caesar as a friend, but he loved Rome (his country) more
What does Casca mean when he says. “Speak, hands, for me!” his actions speak for what he feels
Who is Octavius? Caesar’s adopted son and rightful heir
To what does Caesar compare himself to; center of the universe; star never moves. the Northern Star
What does Mark Antony’s speech at the funeral do He basically refutes what Brutus says and over and over again calls Brutus honorable to where it begins to not have meaning anymore

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