Julius Caesar Act 2 Test

What is Brutus’ personal servant’s name? Lucius
What has Brutus been thinking about that has prevented him from sleeping? The decision to kill Caesar or accept his power.
Brutus reads aloud a letter that he receives. What is its purpose? Who wrote the letter? What are the three, short words telling Brutus to do? Cassius wrote it and the purpose is to re-explain what Cassius was trying to tell Brutus. 1.) speak 2) strike3.) redress
How is Cassius related to Brutus? Brother-in-law
Why doesn’t Lucius recognize the conspirators when they showed up to Brutus’ home? They are covering their faces with cloaks.
How does Brutus respond to Cassius’ request that the conspirators swear an oath? He believes they’re doing the right thing, so they don’t need to swear an oath.
Who suggests that Cicero be asked to join the conspiracy? Cassius
Why would he be a good addition to the conspiracy? He is old and wise and he thinks Cicero will stand very strong with them.
What do they decide to do about including him? What reason do they give for their decision? He won’t be joining them because he’s not a follower.
Why does Brutus insist that Antony not be killed as well? He doesn’t want them to seem like cruel murderers but healers (purgers) instead.
Brutus tells the conspirators to put on happy faces when they go to the Capitol. Why? He doesn’t want them to look suspicious.
What is Brutus’ wife’s name? Why is she concerned about her husband? Portia; he won’t spend time with her, he’s ignoring her, and he has a short temper with her.
What reason does he give to Portia as causing his changes behavior and does he confide in Portia as to the real reason for his disturbed behavior? He isn’t in good health.
Who was Cato? Portia’s father; respected, well-known man; he joined Pompey against Caesar.
What does Portia do to indicate her loyalty, love, and strength of character to her husband? She stabs herself in the thigh.
Who else is having trouble sleeping? Why? Caesar and his wife because his wife has nightmares. Brutus because he has worries.
How does Calpurnia feel about Caesar going to the Capitol today? She doesn’t want him to go because she’s frightened and worried; she fears cemeteries.
According to Calpurnia, what are some unusual sightings that have taken place today? 1.) a lioness walking in the streets2.) the graves gave back the dead3.) blood on was on the Capitol building4.) risking ghosts5.) neighing horses6.) going men groaned
What decision does Caesar first make regarding going to the Capitol or staying home? He goes because “cowards die many times before their deaths.”
Why is Caesar referring to himself in the third person? He loves talking about himself.
Caesar begins to reconsider going to the Capitol. What excuse does he consider offering? Mark Antony says he is not well but Caesar doesn’t want to say that because he doesn’t want to seem weak; he tells them to say he just doesn’t want to come
Describe Calpurnia’s dream and her interpretation of her dream. She saw Caesar’s statue with a fountain of blood and 100 spouts and the Romans bathing and washing their hands in it; she predicted his death.
How does Decius reinterpret the meaning of Calpurnia’s dream? What does he say it means? He saw it as a good dream signifying that the Romans will gain strength and life from Caesar.
Caesar requests the men to be near him at all times in the Capitol today. How is this request ironic light of things to come? He’s going to be the closest to all of his killers.
Who is Artemidorous? A supporter of Caesar.
What is he planning to do? He wants to warn Caesar about his death; he waits in the street for Caesar to pass to give him the letter.
For whom is the letter intended and what does the letter say? The letter was written for Caesar by Artimidorous to warn him about his death.
Why is Portia so nervous and upset? She feels anxious about the conspiracy.
On what errand does she send Lucius? She sends Lucius to go see what is happening at the Capitol; she wants word on Brutus.

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