Julius Caesar Act 2 Quiz

Casca first to join the conspiracy
Soothsayer warns Caesar to beware the ides of March
Brutus joins and leads the conspiracy to kill Caesar
Cassius organizes the conspiracy, gets Brutus to join
Cicero Roman senator Casca speaks to on the eve of the assassination
Cinna plants the forged letters for Cassius, also a conspirator
Lucius Brutus’ servant
Decius reinterprets Calpurnia’s dream, convinces Caesar to go to the senate
Portia the wife of Brutus
What was the purpose of planting the notes for Brutus to find? To persuade him to join the conspiracyMake Brutus seem good and Caesar bad
Why do the conspirators fear Caesar may decide not to go to the capitol? Caesar lately has been extremely superstitious because of his gain in power. The cause maybe because of the strange events and fortunetellers (soothsayer)
Explain the discussion about Cicero Cicero is wanted by others but not Brutus because he is a leader, not follower. Every time Cassius suggests something, Brutus says noEX: Cassius wanted Cicero on the conspiracy, but Brutus makes the final call and he didn’t want Cicero
Why doesn’t Brutus want to swear oaths with the conspirators to kill Caesar? If his word says that he will be with them all the way through, then his word should be good enough. It shows trust in him
What is Brutus’ tragic flaw? Doesn’t listen to other people’s suggestions
What is one theme of the play? Strategy- the way people plan and handle situations
Who are the 8 conspirators? Brutus Ligarius TreboniusCassius Casca Cinna Decius Metellus
Of what proof of her devotion does Portia remind Brutus? She stabs herself in the thigh to persuade him in telling what he’s up to
Ligarius Huge supporter of Pompey, one of the conspirators that joined because of Brutus, the final conspirator to join
How does Brutus feel the Roman citizens would regard them if they killed Antony as well as Caesar? He feels they would look more like savage murderers rather than stabbing for a real cause
Analyze “Let us be sacrificers, but not butchers, Caius” If they kill Antony, the conspirators will look like bad murderers. They have to convince the commoners that Caesar was killed “for a reason” (This is an example of a tragic flaw)
What is shown about how Brutus and Cassius constantly disagree? It foreshadows that there will be conflicts related to their decisions later on in the story
What is Brutus’ reason for stabbing Caesar? He has no personal reason to stab Caesar. It would be of concern for the general welfare
Example of a hyperbole The exhalations, whizzing in the air, give so much light that I may read them
Simile For an ambitious person, lowliness is like a ladder that only remains useful when that climber reaches the top
Why is Caesar personally unsure if he’s going to the capitol? He was superstitious
“It must be by his death; and for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general. He would be crowned” (p1220 L10-12) his assassination was for the good of the people
Why was Caesar compared to a serpent? He is dangerous. He is now emperor but he might ultimately become king, If the serpent is still in its shell, it can’t do any harm. Caesar is not yet hatched into the king. If they kill Caesar now, it will be for the better
Decius’ technique to convince Caesar Persuasion by flattery
Two reasons for Caesar not going to the capitol Calpurnia’s dreamPriests who cut open the animals
“Cowards die many times before their deaths…” P.1232 L 33 If you never defend yourself and others, you will die internally
Describe Calpurnia’s dream They were killing Caesar and bathing in his blood. She begs him not to go and at first decides not to go
How does Decius explain Calpurnia’s dream? He explains it as a good omen in which the people are bathing in his blood because they love you and want a part in his life
What makes it easy for Decius to convince Caesar to go to the Capitol? The crown is the motivation
Who is Artemidorous? What does he do? A citizen who is a friend of Caesars, writes a letter to Caesar
How does scene 3 create suspense? The word is out about the conspiracy, the plot to kill Caesar is not a secret. Artemidorous knew about it and he was a commoner.
Did Brutus ever have a chance to tell Portia about the assassination plans? no but she knows anyway

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