Julius Caesar Act 2

augmented made greater.
entreated begged; pleaded with.
pacing in the garden during late hours of the night, the letter bothers him, not eating or talking much. How does Brutus’ behavior show that something has been troubling his mind lately?
Caesar must be killed before he becomes too powerful. In his first monologue of scene 1, what reasoning does Brutus give for killing Caesar?
They greatly respect him, which shows when they quickly accept every suggestion he makes during the plot to kill Caesar. How do the rest of the conspirators think of Brutus? How do you know?
it will appear too brutal/monstrous to citizens; Without Caesar’s influence Antony will have little power and won’t be able to act against them. Cassius argues that Mark Antony should be killed. What are Brutus’ reasons against killing Antony?
frustrated he won’t tell her what’s wrong, not eating well, and spends hours pacing and sighing. What is Portia’s gripe with Brutus?
Calphurnia feared for Caesar’s life, however Decius meant citizens were using Caesar’s blood to remember great leadership. Compare and contrast Calphurnia’s and Decius’ interpretation of Calpurnia’s bad dream.
Caesar loves Calphurnia to give into his wishes, but he is also afraid of appearing cowardly/weak, which is why he doesn’t want Decius to say he was sick. He sees Rome as a priority in his life. What conclusions can you draw about Julius Caesar’s character based on his reactions to Calpurnia and Decius?
imminent about to happen.
he will abuse the power given to him and scorn those beneath him. What is Brutus worried will happen if Caesar is crowned?
to rebellion that causes turmoil in the country. To what does Brutus compare the mental anxiety he has been experiencing?
dangerous and monstrous. Indicate below two words Brutus uses to describe conspiracy?
he feels an oath is unnecessary they should be doing this for the good of Rome and that feeling should be enough to keep them together. What reason does Brutus give for not wanting to swear an oath to what they resolved to do?
old age will add appearance of wisdom to their actions. What reason does Metellus give for waiting to include Cicero in their conspiracy?
will never follow what other men begin. What reason does Brutus give for excluding Cicero?
spare him. It would appear too bloody to kill him and Antony will be powerless without Caesar. What does Brutus suggest they do about Antony? Why?
Cassius Who among the men so not convinced by Brutus’ argument?
tell him that he cannot be flattered. According to Decius, what is a sure- fire way to flatter Caesar?
what troubles him. Portia is unhappy about Brutus’ recent behavior. What does she ask of him?
he will reveal the secrets of his heart. What does Brutus tell her?
Calpurnia’s fears were based on dreams and superstitions; Portia’s were based on actions. Just as Portia was concerned about Brutus’ welfare, so to is Calpurnia’s concerned for Caesar. How does Calpurnia’s concern differ from Portia’s?
Danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous than he. What does Caesar say that shows he views unrealistically his personal power in the face of danger?
the statue of Caesar was pouring fountains of his blood and smiling Romans washed their hands in it. Describe Calpurnia’s dream as revealed by Caesar.
it’s a good dream signifying that Romans will gain new strength and life from Caesar. How does Decius interpret the dream?
a letter warning him against the conspiracy. What does Artemidorus have for Caesar?
How Brutus is, what Caesar is doing, and what men are with them. Portia, in a very agitated state, sends Lucius to the Capitol to gather information. What does she want to know?

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