Julius Caesar Act 2

How does Brutus feel toward Caesar personally? He neither likes nor dislikes him: His main concern is ROME.
What does Brutus fear would happen if Caesar were crowned? Caesar would become corrupt
What is the message in the letter Wake up, pay attention, and fix the things wrong in Rome
Did Brutus only recieve one letter? No, he has found several
What are the Ides of March? March 15th
How has Brutus felt since he first spoke with Cassius (toward the beginning)? Haunted, he can’t stop thinking about it
What does Brutus think of the fact that the conspirators are hiding their faces in their coats? It seems cowardly
Who are the conspirators? Cassius, Casca, Decius, Brutus, Cinna, Metellus, Cimber, Trebonius
Why does Brutus refuse to swear an oath? He doesn’t think it is necessary
Who does Cassius want to kill? Caesar AND Antony
How does Brutus respond to Cassuis’s suggestion? He thinks it is TOO MUCH to kill Antony too.
Why might Decius Brutus need to persuade Caesar to come to the Capitol? Caesar has been superstitious lately.
Why is Portia upset with Brutus? He will not tell her what is bothering him.
Who comes to see Brutus at the end of scene 1 (act 2)? Caicus Ligarius
What happened in Calpurnia’s dream? Someone murders Caesar
Why does Calpurnia tell Caesar that he must stay home? She is afraid for him
What is Caesar’s initial reaction to Calpurnia’s fears? He says she is being silly
What exactly did Calpurnia dream? A statue of Caesar poured blood and Romans washed their hands in it
How does Decius Brutus interpret the dream for Caesar? Romans will recieve life from Caesar
How does scene 2 (act 2) end? Caesar goes to the Capitol
What does Artemedorus want to tell Caesar? Who the conspirators are
What does Portia instruct Lucius to do? Keep her updated about Brutus and Caesar
What type of message does the Soothsayer have for Caesar? Warning him of approaching danger

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