Julius Caesar Act 2

Scene 1 Brutus joins the conspiracy, and they make four decisions: 1. Not to kill Mark Antony. 2. Not to include Cicero. 3. Decius will make Caesar go to the capitol. 4. They will include Caius Ligarius. Also, Portia wants to know why Brutus has been acting strange lately
Scene 2 Decius goes to the capitol and re-interpretes Calpurnia’s dream. Caesar is flattered and goes to the capitol.
Scene 3 Artemidorus writes a letter to Caesar warning him of the conspiracy.
Scene 4 Portia needs to know if Brutus is well.
“Th’abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power.” Brutus. The quote means greatness is misused when there’s no pity in the power it wields.
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