Julius Caesar Act 1 study guide jack

In the streets of Rome Where did the first scene take place?
Yelling at the commoners who are cheering Caesar on for having killed Pompey. What are Flavius and Maraullus doing?
The cobbler who makes and mends shoes Who claims to be a “mender of bad soles,” a “surgeon to old shoes,” and one who lives by the awl?”
To get a day off of work and to see Caesar and rejoice in his victory of Pompey According to laborer, why have the people left their shops and assembled?
A Roman General and Caesar’s rival Who was Pompey?
They tell them to leave and that they used to cheer for Pompey and now cheer for the one that killed him. = fiklish How do Marullus and Flavius rebuke the people?
Flavius What character establishes the notion that Caesar is ambitious, and that he flies too high and is a danger to free men?
To no longer be childless The purpose of the Feast of Lupercal was to secure purification and fertility for the spring planting. What other purpose did it serve for women as well?
Calphurnia; so that he can get am heir to their throne of Rome One scene two, who, in particular, is up instructed to stand in Antony’s way and why?
To beware the Ides of March (March 15th) What warning does the fortuneteller give to Caesar?
He ignores SoothSayer and calls him a dreamer What is Caesars response to the fortuneteller’s warning?
Cassius says that brutus would make a good leader and that Cassius does not want Caesar to become King. What do Cassius and Brutus discuss after Caesar and his followers leave?
Caesar; Rome should stay republic With who is Brutus upset and why?
Persuades Brutus to become the next head of republic Cassius openly works on contrasting Brutus’s humility to Caesar’s presumptuous ness and arrogance. Why?
The people want crown Caesar King, which would be the end of the republic. What fear does Brutus blurt out when shots are heard and a trumpet sounds?
Caesar is disturbed by Cassius and says he doesn’t trust him no longer. When Caesar returns from the race, which character’s countenance seems to disturb him?
Says that Cassius is too serious and sterns, whereas Antony loves to party and is not a very serious, down to earth person. How does Caesar contrast Cassius with Antony?
Caesar is deaf in his left ear Why does Antony have to speak to Caesar from his right side?
To ask why Caesar looks so serious as he was leaving the festival. Also, wants to know if they crowned Caesar. Why does Brutus grasp Casca’s cloak? What does he want to know?
Antony offered Caesar the crown 3 times and then fainted What does Casca tell him has happened?
Epilepsy What other physical impairment does Caesar have?
They admired his respect for the republic, and turning down the crown, but he was ready to accept it, and would have if he’d not fallen with the seizure right then. According to Casca, did the roman people seem to want Caesar to be King?
He offered the crowd his throat to cut in case he had done anything wrong What dramatic action had Caesar taken in front if the people before his fainting?
No matter what he did they would still love him How did Casca react to the events at the Lupercal Festival?
For pulling scarfs off Caesars images they were out to silence. What happened to Marullus and Flavius and why?
To replace Caesar with Brutus as head of the republic and to make Caesar no longer king Cassius’s major plan involves Brutus. What is it?
To send him letters in disguised writing What secretive means does Cassius intend to use to persuade Brutus he is more noble than Caesar ?
Stormy, lightening, burning meteors falling from the sky In scene three, it is the evening of the Ides of March. Describe the weather.
A slaves hand was lit by fire but did not burn him. Another was, a lion was wondering the streets but did not attack anyone. Casca meets Cicero on the streets. State two unexplainable events.
Caesar goes to the capital and is crowned King by the senators What is Caesar to due tomorrow?
Julius Caesar Cassius compared the storm to whom?
To crown Caesar According to Casca, what do the senators plan to do tomorrow?
I’ll do as much as anybody against Caesar What pledge does Casca give to Cassius?
Conspirator and delivers letters Who is Cinna?
Brutus According to Cinna, acquiring the cooperation of who would be more beneficial?
Judges chair, Brutus’s window, the statue of Brutus’s grandfather Cinna is to deliver the forged letters to what three places?
1/4 According to Cassius, what fraction of Brutus remains to be one over?
Brutus Who “sits high in all the people’s hearts?”

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