Julius Caesar Act 1 Scenes 1 & 2

Lupercal Holiday that is celebrated in Act 1, Scene 1
Act 1, Scene 1: Who are Marulius and Flavius? They are tribunes, people who enforce the law
Act 1, Scene 1: Why do Marulius and Flavius want to drive the commoners from the Street? They don’t want Caesar to be celebrated, so they drive everyone from the street so there will be no parade.
What is the setting of Act 1, Scene 1? Rome, 44 BC
Act 1, Scene 1: What else do Marulius and Flavius do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory? They order all of the flowers and decorations to be taken down.
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Caesar tell Antony to do to Calpurnia? Caesar tells Antony to hit Calpurnia with the sheepskin on order to ensure her fertility.
Act 1 Scene 2: What is a soothsayer? Of what does he warn Caesar? A soothsayer is a fortune teller. He warns Caesar to “beware the Ides of March”
Act 1 Scene 2: What does ides mean? Middle (15th)
Act 1 Scene 2: Does Marcus Brutus like Caesar? What does Brutus think of Caesar’s rise to power? Use lines from the play to support your answer. Brutus likes Caesar as a person, but he is worried that Caesar’s power will go to his head and he will become a tyrant.
Act 1 Scene 2: What story does Cassius tell Brutus? Cassius tells Brutus about the time he and Caesar were swimming. Caesar started to drown and called for Cassius’s help. Cassius saved him from drowning.
Act 1 Scene 2: What is Cassius’s point in telling this story? Cassius told this story to show how weak Caesar actually is. He is not the strong character everyone thinks he is.
Act 1 Scene 2: Brutus says, “For let the gods so speed me as I love the name of honor more than I fear death.” What do these lines imply about Brutus’ most important value in life? These lines show that Brutus is an honorable person who values his honor above all else, even his life. He wants to do what is best for Rome, even if it means he himself will die.
Act 1 Scene 2: What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius? Why does he feel this way? Caesar believes Cassus is very dangerous because he has a “lean and hungry look.” Men that think too much are dangerous.
Act 1 Scene 2: What handicap does Caesar reveal about himself when speaking to Antony? Caesar is deaf in his right ear.
Act 1 Scene 2: How many times was Caesar offered a coronet or a small crown? Caesar is offered the crown three times.
Act 1 Scene 2: What was Caesar’s reaction to the offering according to Casca? Caesar looks down the people for their smell and refuses the crown, even though he really wants it.
Act 1 Scene 2: What sickness does Caesar have? Falling sickness (epilepsy)
Act 1 Scene 2: What happens to Maruilus and Flavius? They are exiled.
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Cassius plan to do to to convince Brutus to conspire against Caesar? He intends to write letters in different handwriting and deliver them to Brutus. That way Brutus will think everyone wants him to be king instead of Caesar.

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