Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 3 Ques

Describe the setting at the opening of Scene 3. It is a terrible stormy night in a street in Rome, with intense thunder and lightning.
What were the unusual events that had been taking place? 1. A man’s hand was on fire, but he didn’t get burned.2. A lion was walking near the Capitol.3. Men on fire were walking through the streets.4. An owl was hooting in the marketplace at noon.
How did Cassius explain these unusual events? Cassius said that the gods were warning Rome that Caesar was going to destroy them.
What does Casca tell Cassius he has heard about the Senate’s plans for the next day? The Senate was planning to crown Caesar king.
What does Cassius say he will do if Caesar becomes king? Cassius says that he will kill himself.
Who does Cinna want to join the conspiracy? Cinna wants Brutus to join the conspiracy.
Why do the conspirators think it is important for Brutus to join them? The conspirators know that Brutus and his family are highly respected and the Roman people will go along with Brutus’ decisions and actions.
What does Cassius tell Cinna to do with the forged letters? Cassius tells Cinna to put one on Brutus’ chair, throw one through Brutus’ window, and attach one on the statue of Brutus’ ancestor
Why does Cassius have the letters delivered to Brutus? Cassius wants to make Brutus think that Roman citizens are asking him to take action against Caesar.

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