Julius Caesar- Act 1 scene 3

Setting A street in Rome March 14. 44 B.C.
Cicero and Casca Who run into each other on the street during a storm?
1) slaves hand appeared to be on fire but didn’t actually burn 2)lion was wandering around the Capital 3) 100 pale women claimed they saw men on fire 4) an owl at noon in the marketplace What strange sights has Casca seen?
Casca believes they are bad omens What does Casca believe the strange sights he has seen are?
Cicero says that men misinterpret and misunderstand events based on their desires. What does Cicero say about the sights Casca sees?
Cassius believes that these are signs of Caesars growing power and that it is a sign from the gods. What does Cassius believe all these strange occurrences are?
He says that the senators are planning to crown Caesar as king tomorrow. Caesar will be king of all territories except Italy (still controlled by the senate) What does Casca reveal that is supposed to happen tomorrow? (March 15)
Cassius says he will kill himself What does Cassius say he will do if Caesar becomes king?
He compares the Romans to sheep to demonstrate their stupidity to become followers of Caesar. What does Cassius compare the Romans to and why?
Cinna Who has the job of delivering the fake letters?
Cassius Casca Cinna Decius-Brutus Trebonius and Metellus Cimber Who are the conspirators mentioned?
Exposition Act 1 is also called the __________
Julius Caesar Brutus Antony Calphurnia and the Soothsayer Characters who support Caesar:
Cassius Casca Cinna Flavius & Murellus and Cicero Characters who oppose Caesar:
Caesar defeats Pompeys sons What is the background of Act 1?

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