JULIUS CAESAR Act 1, Scene 2

Why does Caesar want Anthony to touch Calpurnia before the holy race? What does this tell us about him? It is because it is said that if a barren woman is touched during that holy race she will be fertile. This tells us he is very superstitious.
What does the soothsayer tell Caesar? “Beware the ides of March.” or beware of March 15th (mid March)
Why does Brutus not want to watch the race, what is his reason? He says he doesn’t like sports and that he is uneasy, it’s not Brutus’s fault he says
What praise does Cassius say of Brutus? How does Brutus respond? That he has been spoken of by people as a man as great as Caesar. He only needs to see the greatness himself and Cassuis will show him that.
How does Brutus respond to Cassius wanting to make him king? Brutus points out Caesar is on the throne, Cassius asks if that will stop him. He says he loves Caesar (as a friend). Cassius says Caesar is weaker and should give way to new blood, and they were all born equal. Caesar doesn’t deserve his place. Brutus does. Brutus tells him to shut up and not provoke chaos.
What does Caesar think of Cassius? A man who he would avoid because he has a dark side
Why does Casca say Brutus is in bad temper after the games? A crown was offered to him 3 times by Antony, and he didn’t accept it, even though he wanted to. On the third time he swooned, told the people they could kill him if they wanted and fainted as the people forgave him.
What famous idiom made clear does Casca say? It was Greek to me
Why won’t Cassius have dinner with Casca? He has a commitment
How does Caesar fell about Brutus? He loves him
What does Cassius plan to do to Brutus? Send him fake letters from citizens that say they love Brutus and fear Caesar’s ambition

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