Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 2

What is a soothsayer? A fortune teller
Why did Caesar want Antonius (Antony) to touch Calphurnia when he was running? To make her fertile
What did the soothsayer tell Caesar? Beware of the ides of March
What is the ides of March? March 15th
How does Caesar react to the soothsayers warning? Ignores it
What is a sennet/flourish? Trumpet
Who doesn’t really want to watch the race? Brutus
Who tells Brutus that he has not been himself lately? Cassius
What does Cassius call himself? (In relation to a mirror) Glass
Who is afraid that Caesar will be made king because it is not good for the people of Rome even though he loves Caesar? Brutus
Who tells Brutus that he is just as good as Caesar? Cassius
Who was the hero that founded Rome? Aeneas
Who claims to have seen Caesar sick in order to convince Brutus that he is no god? Cassius
Fun Fact: The quote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves” was the inspiration for what popular novel written by John Green? The Fault in Our Stars
Who offered Caesar the crown three times? Antony
Why doesn’t Caesar trust Cassius? He is clever and thinks too much
Why did Caesar fall down when he was offered the crown? Falling sickness
What is the “falling sickness”? Epilepsy
Who tells Brutus and Cassius the story of Antony offering the crown to Caesar? Casca
How many times did Caesar push away the crown? Three
What did Caesar offer the commoners? To cut his throat
What did Cicero say about this affair? Something in Greek
What does Brutus think of Casca? He is stupid
What does Cassius say his going to do to Brutus? He is going to write false letters and throw them in his window
What is Brutus’ fatal flaw? Honor and too trusting of others

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