Julius Caesar Act 1 Review

Why are Marullus and Flavius upset about the commoners not being at work? The commoners are being hypocritical. The soldiers do not want Caesar as their king.
What is a pun? Play on words
What does Caesar ask Antony to do during the race at the celebration? touch his wife
What quote foreshadows events to come? “Beware the ides of March”
What do Brutus and Cassius do during the celebration? Cassius tries to convince Brutus to join the consipracy.
What causes the crowd to cheer three times? Caesar denies the crown
Define soliloquy. a speech given by a character alone on stage that reveals his thoughts and feelings aloud
What does Cassius reveal in his soliloquy in Act 1? He will write letters to Brutus in different types of handwriting pretending to be people of Rome that respect Brutus.
Who tells the story of the offering of the crown? Casca
Give two reasons Brutus must be a part of the conspiracy for it to work? He is a well respected noble and it will take the blame off of Cassius so that he is not the only one killing Caesar.
Who is described as having a “lean and hungry look”? Cassius
From the final scene of Act 1, give an example of the foreshadowing of bad things to come. Unnatural occurrences of a man’s hand on fire, hundred ghostly women seeing men on fire in the streets, owl
What is significant about the ides of March ? The Soothsayer said beware the ides of March to Caesar in the first Act.
What is Brutus’ inner conflict? He loves Caesar but fears he will be a tyrant.
Why does Cicero say, “this disturbed sky/ Is not to walk in”? He does not want to walk in the “storm” AKA participate in the “conspiracy”.
What do Casca and Cassius think about the storm? Casca thinks it is an omen of something bad to come. Cassius thinks that bad thing is Caesar.
What is the political behavior of the Roman people in the first Act? Fickle and changeable because they once liked Pompey, but now that Caesar defeated Pompey, they like Caesar.
What is Cassius’ motivation for killing Caesar? Jealousy
What is Cassius’ objective in Act 1? To persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy?
When we see Brutus for the first time in Act 1, how does he act? He acts like he is at war with himself. (He has an internal conflict)
Why does Mark Antony offer Caesar the crown three times? To judge the crowds’ reaction to Caesar being king.
What physical ailment does Caesar have? The “falling sickness”. AKA Epilepsy.
Who are Caesar’s most loyal supporters in Rome? The common people
Caesar’s words “I rather tell thee what is to be feared/ than what I fear; for always I am Caesar” reveals the tragic flaw of…..? Pride
When Casca describes Caesar as “very loathe to lay his fingers off [the crown]” we can infer… Caesar hated not being able to touch the crown and wants to be king.

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