Julius Caesar Act 1

Pums and word play are important in Shakespeare’s plays. Identify and explain the puns the cobbler uses. The cobbler jokes about mending soles which is true. People get confused though when he talks about conscience before he says it. “A trade, sir, that I hope I may use with a safe conscience, which is indeed, sir, a mender a bad soles. The cobbler jokes about the similarity of awl (a shoemaker’s tool) to the word all in his life. “Truly, sir, all that I live by is with awl. I meddle with no tradesman’s matters nor women’s matters, but with all.”
Flavius asks why the cobbler is out of his shop. What is the cobbler’s response? “Truly, sir, to wear out their shoes to get myself more work. But indeed, sir, we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph.
How do the Tribunes, Marullus and Flavius, react to this word play? They do not understand the cobbler’s jokes and think the cobblers are making fun of them.
Why do the Tribunes chase the commoners away, and for what does Marullus reprimand them? Marullus doesn’t understand why the commoners are celebrating Caesar’s arrribal after he killed Pompey when they previously celebrated Pompey’s arrival.
What does Falvius suggest to the commoners? to weep into the Tiber River until it overflows
What are Falvius and Marullus planning to do? They want to ruin the celebration and take all the images and such of Caesar down.
Why does Marullus and Flavius seem to fear Caesar? They fear if they don’t take him down, he will rule everyone too much.
What does Caesar say to Antony infront of everyone? What does this tell you about Caesar? Caesar wants Antony to make sure he touches Calpurnia so she can have kids. He wants a son to carry out the rule for him.
What is the soothsayer’s warning to Caesar? What does this mean? Beware the ides of March which is when we know Caesar will die. (March 15).
What fear does Brutus note? he fears Caesar will be wanted as kind by the people and not him
According to Cassius, what happened when Caesar and Cassius went swimming in the Tiber? What is the point of this story? Caesar couldn’t cross the river, and Cassius had to help and save him. The point is to show Caesar is weak and ungodlike.
What does Caesar say to Antony about Cassius? What does this reveal about Caesar? He wants Cassius to be gone. He thinks Cassius is dangerous. He is very observant, and he is suspicious of Cassius.
How does Brutus show his Stoicism? When he wants the general good and thinks rationally about things that need to be done.
How does Cassius reflect his Epicureanism? When he thinks it’s their responsibility to take care of what should be done.
Waht is Caesar offered? What is his response? How does the crowd respond to it? What happens to Caesar? Caesar was offered the crown and he refused it three times. The crowd was shouting and crying, wanting him to take it. Caesar then fainted and had a caesar.
Give one word to describe Casca’s tone as he retells the event of Caesar being offered the crown. disgusted, mad Caesar didn’t take the crown because he knew he wanteed it, sarcastic.
What does Caesar say when he awakens again. He said forgive me if I did anything wrong.
Explain how the term “falling sickness” is a pun. falling sickness is epilepsy, cassius’s opun when he said caesar didn’t have the sickness but everyone else did suggests that they have fallen low under Caesar’s rule.
How will Cassius get Brutus to join the conspirators against Caesar? Give him letters from the “citizens” to change his mind.
What dramatic irony is presented in Cassius’ soliloquy? What is your opinion of Cassius? Cassius is very controling and manipulative. He thinks he can get whatever he wants.
In reality, Caesar was not deaf. Why, then, would Shakespeare choose to add this to his character? Symbollically saying Caesar only listens to what he wants to. It’s annother weak spot to Caesar.
The play is titled Julius Caesar, however, the crowning scene occurs off stage. Why? To show the story is about Cassius and Brutus, not Caesar.
What is happening on the night of weird things? What is the difference between how Cicero and Casca interpret these things? A slaves hand was on fire, but not burning. Lion gave birth in the streets and strolled throught he Capital. The bird of night was perched on the capital at noon and was hooting. Men on fire walked up and down the streets. Casca is afraid from all these events. Cicery thinks people can misinterpret events and there might be a reason to all of this.. he’s more logical.
On whom does Cassius blame Caesar’s power? the Romans
What does Cassius think of Rome if Caesar is to become ruler? he wants to kill himself because he believes it will become unbearable.
explain the figurative landguage that gives the reason for the conspiracy’s need for Brutus’ joining them. They realize how important it is to have Brutus on their team. They almost have him, but they need to completely win him over. They need him because the citizens all love Brutus and they wouldn’t see bad in the things he does.

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