Julius Caesar Act 1&2

what was the setting in Act 1 scene 1? a crowded street in Rome
who are Marullus and Flavius? they are soilders
why do they want to drive the commmoners from the streets? Bc they should not be waiting for Caesar on the streets
What else do Marullus and Flavius do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory? took away the statues
what does caesar tell antony to do to calpurnia to touch her to make her fertile
why might caesar ask antony in front of everyone else so the people know Caesar gave him permission. so the people know the caesar believes in those traditions/ superstitions
what is a soothsayer? of what does he warn caesar? someone who warns caesar of things. to beware the ides of march
what does ides mean the 15th of march
does marcus brutus like caesar?`what does brutus think of caesar’s rise to power? yes but is kind of jealous of his power. If caesar gets power then Rome may turn into a dictatorship
what is brutus’s most important value in life? honor
what story does cassius tell brutus caesar jumped into a raging river and cassius had to jump in and save him
what is cassius’s point in telling this story caesar isnt strong enough to lead the country
what is caesar’s opinion of cassius? why does he feel this way? that he doesnt deserve the crown
what handicap does caeasr reveal about himself when speaking to antony that he is scared of antony
how many times was caeasr offered the crown 3
what was caesar’s sickness? he cant hear out of one ear. and he has a falling sickness
what happens to marullus and flavius they were put away
what does cassius plan to do to convince brutus to conspire against caesar cassius gets people to agree with him by writing letters and throwing them through his window
what unusual events occur during the storm a slave put his hand over fire, but his hand did not burn. a lion looked upon casca but did not attack. women swore they saw men of fire walk the streets
what meaning does cassius interpret from the strorm that the heavens were trying to speak to him
according to casca what are the senators planning to do to caesar tom establish him as king
who is def part of the conspiracy cassiuscascacinnadecuius brutustrebiniusmetellus cimber
according to brutus why is it necessary that caesar be killed for the good of the people. to prevent him from gaining power
what actions does lucius perform that help the plot unfold he gives the letter cassius wrote to brutus and lets the conspirators in
what is brutus’s internal conflict whether killing caesar is right bc he is one of his friends
why does metellus think it would be a good idea to ask cicero to join the conspiracy bc since cicero os popular the people would respect his decision more than the others. he is old and wise speaker
what does brutus say about killing marc antony that if they killed marc antony it would be out of envy and they shouldnt kill him anyway bc he would be useless without caesar
why does brutus say tehy should not ask cicero to join the conspiritacy bc he said that cicero would not support anything another man started (leader not follower)
what reason does cassius give for why caesar might not come out of his house today bc caesar has become superstitious lately
by what method does decius say he will use to get caesar out of the house by flattering him
why is portia, brutus’s wife, worried about brutus she is worried about his health. he has been acting strange lately
how does she prove her strength to brutus by cutting her leg
why does calpurnia want caesar to stay home bc she is believing that all the weird stuff that has been happening is omens and something bad will happen to caesar if he goes out and the dream
describe calpurnia’s dream calpurnia had a dream that there was a statue of caesar with hundreds of holes in it and covered in blood
how does decius interpret calpurnia’s dream that it was a good and lucky vision. the romans are benefiting from the battles that caesar won. they are good
what arguments does decius use to change caesar’s mind about going to the capitol that they were going to crown caesar today. that he would look like a croward
what does artemidorus plan to do artemidorus plans to give caesar his letter acting as a petition. if caesar ends up reading the letter then he will live, if not he will die. this letter is acting as a warning towards caesar
why is portia so nervous she thinks something is wrong and she is worried about brutus bc he looked sick
what does portia want lucius to do she wants him to check on brutus bc he was “sick” before he left and to look ar who’s by him and to come back and tell her if he is okay
what does the soothsayer tell portia he doesnt know of any plot to kill caesar but he is afraid of it happening and to warn caesar

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