Julius Caesar Act 1

Why are the commoners wandering the streets instead of working? They are celebrating Caesar’s victory and return
How do Flavius and Marullus feel about the celebration? They think the people change their minds too much. They are bitter and jealous.
How do Flavius and Marullus show their feelings toward Caesar? They take down the decorations and “disrobe the statue”
What does Caesar tell Antony to do during the race and why? Touch Calpurnia so she will be able to have a baby (shake off the sterile curse)
How does Antony respond to Caesar’s request? He is a true friend, so he will do anything Caesar wants. He always responds, “Whatever you want Caesar”
What does the Soothsayer tell Caesar? Beware the Ides of March (March 15). This is called foreshadowing (warning).
What does Brutus fear when he hears the crowd shouting? He is afraid they are asking Caesar to be king.
Why does Cassius think Caesar isn’t fit to be king? Caesar is a coward and weak and unfit to rule (he remembers a time when him and Caesar were out on a boat together and they jumped in the river and Caesar was starting to drown).
How does Brutus respond to Cssius’s ideas? He agrees, but says he needs time to think it over. He is really Caesar’s friend, but loves Rome more than Caesar.
What does Caesae think about Cassius? That he is dangerous. He is suspicious.
Who offers Caesar the crown and how many times? Antony, 3 times
What is Casca’s opinion of the way Caesar refused the crown? It was harder for him to refuse it each time
What happens to Caesar after the 3rd offering of the crown? He has a seizure
How does Brutus explain Caesar’s behavior? He thinks Caesar has he falling sickness (epilepsy)
What happened to Flavius and Marullus? They were executed
What does Brutus say to Cassius before departing? He wants to talk to him the next day (he is contemplating on what he should do…kill or not kill his friend)
What things does Casca see that upset him? a slave with a burning hand, a lion, an owl, and men on fire
What do the senators plan to do the next day? make Caesar king
How does Cassius feel about the Roman people now? He calls them trash
What is Cassius’s plan to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy? Ask Cinna to sneak Brutus a letter

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