Julius Caesar

Who is Julius Caesar’s wife Calpurnia
Who is Brutus’ wife Portia
What character is the soothsayer similar to in Antigone Tiresias
Who does Caesar ask to touch Calpurnia while he runs Mark Antony
Why does Marc Antony touch Calpurnia fertility
What festival is being celebrated that causes Antony to run feast of Lupercal
What is the second commoner’s job a “mender of bad soles” (cobbler)
Who are the two officials who yell at the commoners for celebrating Caesar’s victory Marullus and Flavius
At the beginning of the play, who has Caesar just defeated Pompei
How does Marullus tells the commoners that they have insulted the gods They rejoice over the death of another Roman
What does Shakespere mean when Flavius says “These growing feathers pluck’d from Caesar’s wings” He can’t “fly” to power
What does the soothsayer tell Caesar “beware the ides of march”
Who is the ring-leader of the conspiracy Cassius
Who’s trust does Cassius want to gain before killing Caesar the public
How does Cassius plan to gain the trust of the public after the conspiracy Have Brutus join
How does Cassius manipulate Brutus into joining the conspiract flattery
What does Cassius tell Brutus to flatter him Rome wants him to rise to power, points out Caesar’s weaknesses, Brutus had powerful ancestors
What are Caesar’s weaknesses according to Cassius epilepsy and Brutus saved him from drowning
What bad omens does Casca see bad weather, people’s hands on fire but not burning, women saw men walking the streets in flames, nighttime bird during the day, lion in the capitol
Who tells Cassius that they hate Caesar Casca
Who is the last to join the conspiracy Casca
What is a taper a candle
Who does Caesar tell that he was surprised so many people were at his house the morning before a trip Publius
How does Caesar greet all of the guests at him house the morning before he is killed surprised but sincerely
Who is wandering an orchard Lucilius
What is an oration long speech
Who is proven easily swayed by the speeches after Caesar’s death the general public
Who says “I am here to bury Caesar not praise him” Antony
Who called Caesar ambitious Antony
Who was Caesar’s angel of death Brutus
How does Antony throw Brutus under the bus and sway the public’s opinon by saying how Brutus and Caesar were close friends
3 people at that head of the leadership triumpherant
Who is in the trimpherant Lepidus, Antony, Octavius
Who is Octavius Caesar’s nephew
Word to describe act 4 Pensive (people are waiting for the action)
Who thinks that Lepidus should stay Octavius
Who thinks Lepidus should go Antony
What does Antony compare Lepidus to a horse (useful enough)
What is the only thing that is literally life or death war
What is the outcome of the argument over whether or not Lepidus should be kept in the conspiracy Antony allows Octavius to keep him (he has someone to place the blame)
Who flee the scene after Caesar is killed the conspirators
Who wants to avenge Caesar but also seize his power Antony
Why do Brutus and Cassius never fight Cassius needs Brutus
Who distracts Mark Antony before Caesar’s death Trebonius
Who is Cassius’ bondsman Pindarus
Who doesn’t want anyone to see his argument with Cassius Brutus
What happens behind closed doors mystery
Why do Brutus and Cassius go into the tent they don’t want people to see/hear them fighting
What does Brutus accuse Cassius of taking bribes
Without _______ there would be no bribes politics
What did Brutus complain to Cassius about not getting enough money for his army
How does Cassius respond to Brutus’ accusations gives him his open chest and a sword to stab it with (over dramatic)
Who gave Brutus his bad temper his mother
What happens to Portia she kills herself
How does Portia kill herself swollows hot coals
Is Brutus upset with the death of Portia no
Who killed all of the senators Octavius
What happened to Cicero he was killed because he was a senator
Messala officer in Brutus’ army
What is Brutus’ battle plan march to Phillipi and cut of Antony so they don’t gain soldiers
What is Cassius’ battle plan hold their ground and let them come to him, they’ll loose supplies and get tired
Who’s plan eventually wins Brutus or Cassius Brutus
How many times was Caesar stabbed 33
Why is the fact that Caesar was stabbed 33 times symbolic it was unnecessary
Why does Brutus not want the conspiracy to take an oath they should be loyal without it
Who convinces Caesar to go to the capitol after Calpurnia tells him not to Decius
Why does Brutus wander his orchard to think
What is a representation of pure evil serpent
The fact that the conspirators arrive with their faces covered shows what they are ashamed of what they are about to do
What is a saying to describe the intentions of the conspiracy the ends don’t justify the means
What do the conspirators think should happen to Mark Antony and what does Brutus think he should be killed also but Brutus thinks it would make them look too violent
What is the turning point of the play deciding whether or not to kill Antony
What type of person is Brutus idealist- he is guided more by ideals than practical considerations
What signifies that something important will happen the appearance of a woman
What is an Augurer a fortune teller
List of conspirators Casca, trebonius, caius ligarius, Decius Brutus, matellus camber, cinna
Who is cato A supporter of brutus
Who is the poet that is killed by Brutus and Cassius for trying to give them advice Poet
What happens to cinna to poet He is killed becuase a mob thought he was cinna the conspirator
Who has allegence to Cassius Pindarus
Who does Cassius tell that he had a dream with bad omens Messala
What was in mesalla’s dream His army was circled by Ravens and crows and Eagles
Who’s army does Brutus’ go against Octavius
During what time period did Shakespeare write English Renaissance
What is the English Renaissance also known as Elizabethan age
How many kids did Shakespeare have 3
Who had the support of the aristocratic senators Pompey
Who had the support of the common people Caesar
Something that does not belong in a Crain timeframe Anachronism
When the characters thoughts are spoken but not heard by the other characters Aside
A meter in poetry containing an unrhymed line that sounds Shakespearean (short) Iambic pentameter
A great or virtuous character that is destined for defeat Tragic hero
A long speech by one actor Monologue
A verse without rhyme that uses iambic pentameters (long) Blank verse
What two characters mention Caesar in their last lines Brutus and Cassius
What does Antony say about Brutus when he finds his dead body He was the most noble Rome
Example of fate vs freewill Caesar didn’t see all of the signs not to go to the Capitol (fate) Caesar didn’t head the signs he saw saying not to go to the Capitol (freewill)
Why didn’t Antony try to stop Caesar from going to the Capitol He wanted his power
Who had a “feeling” about the conspirators but kept it to himself Antony
Who is the first to stab Caesar Casca
Who begs Caesar to release the exile of his brother Matellus cimber
Who distracts mark Antony while they kill Caesar Trebonius
Who tries to warn Caesar that he is going to die Artemadoris
What is the meaning of durst Dare
What does Brutus ask Lucilius to get him A bowl of wine

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