Julius Caesar 50 questions

Why are Flavius and Marullus upset at the beginning of the play? The citizens are gathered to celebrate Caesar, but have forgotten the fallen hero Pompey.
How does cassius die? His servant kills him on request.
How do the soothsayers tell Julius Caesar? Beware the ides of March
Why does Caesar speak in third person? It is a sign of royalty
Where does act 1 scene 3 take place? On the streets, at midnight
What is the Roman attitude to suicide? It is an honorable death
Who is reading a letter which he plans to give to Caesar? Artemidores
Why are the commoners in the streets of Rome? To meet Julius Caesar as he returns
What is the ides of march March 15
Why does Caesar want the runner to touch his wife as he runs past? Because it is legend to cure barrenness
What were the romans celebrating when Caesar returned? feast of lupercal
How does Cassius trick Brutus into joining the conspiracy? He makes a fake petition that shows the public wants caesar dead.
How does Portia show Brutus she is trustworthy? She cuts herself in the thigh
What are Caesar’s dying words? Et tu brute
What does Et tu brute mean? and you brutus?
What is the servant of Cassius that kills Cassius upon request? Pindarus
When was Julius Caesar believed to be written? 1599
“Was the noblest Roman of them all” Anthony
Brutus attacks too early at what place? Phillipi
who said: “Thin men think too much” ? Julius Caesar
Who are the triumvirate that rule rome after Caesar’s death? Antony, Octavius, Lepidus
What does Calpurnia dream of the night before the Ides of March? Statues spewing blood
First conspirator to show up at Caesar’s home Decius
What is Caesar and Cleopatras son named? Caesarian
What is the place that Caesar dies? Theatre of Pompey
Who was the Senator that escorted Caesar? Decius
Who is sterile? Calpurnia
What does brutus see when he is in his tent? Caesar’s ghost
Who was killed for having the same name as one of the conspirators? Cinna the poet
What is the crowds reaction to Brutus’ speech? They want to make him king
Where do Octavius and Anthony meet? in Anthony’s house
What does Cassius compare romans to? Women
How many senators are killed by Octavius and Anthony? Between 70 and 100
Why does Cassius expect to be defeated in battle? Bad omens
Who pretends to be Brutus in hopes to be killed? Lucilius
Who kills Brutus? Strato, his servant
How many wounds were on Caesar’s body? 33
What does brutus want his friends to do for him? He wants them to kill him
After a bad dream, Culpurnia convinces Caesar not to go to the capital that day. Who convinces him to go, and how? Decius. He interprets the dream a certain way, and he also bothers him for giving in to his wife. He tells him that if he does not go, they may not give him the crown.
What does the following statement made by cassius mean? ‘Brutus’ will start a spirit as soon as ‘Caesar.’ Brutus will be loved just as much as Caesar was.
How does brutus respond to Cassius’ attack on Caesar conversation? He wants to think about it
What observation does Caesar make of Cassius? He is sneaky and not trustworthy
What observation does Caesar make of Cassius’ nature? He is power-hungry
What reason does Cassius give for the storm around when Caesar was to be crowned? Even the gods aren’t satisfied with Caesar as ruler
Why do the conspirators want Cicero to join their cause? He is a well respected Greek
Why does Brutus reject Cicero into the conspiracy group? He is greek/A foreigner
What does brutus tell the conspirators to do before they go before the public after Caesar is killed? Dip their hands in Caesars blood
After Caesar is dead and Antony is with the body, what does he do? Swear revenge
What was a big mistake Brutus made when he finished his speech and Antony came to make his speech? He left and walked away. He did not stay to hear Antony’s speech.
What does Brutus tell Lucilius about dying love? People that really love you will always be honest

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