Julius Caesar

“Wherefore” “Why?”
Exeunt To exit or leave.
Vulgar Common people.
Construe Interpret.
Blank Verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter.
Prose “How we talk.”
Tragedy Someone who’s born of high status, with flaws–thus causing a downfall.
Pun Play on words.
Conflict Problem:Man vs. ManMan vs. UniverseMan vs. Supernatural forceMan vs. Himself
Soliloquy Reveals inner most thoughts of characters alone on stage.
Iambic meter Unstressed-stressed.
Iambic meter Unstressed-stressed 5x in a line.
Metaphor Direct comparison between 2 things.
Simile Indirect comparison using “like” or “as.”
Where and when was Shakespeare born? Stratford on Avon, English in 1564.
What theatre did Shakespeare help build? The Globe Theatre.
In what historical period was Shakespeare living?Who was the ruler of England at that time? Elizabethan. Queen Elizabeth and King James.
What three types of plays did Shakespeare write? Examples: Tragedy: HamletHistory: King Henry IVComedy: Taming of the Shrew
What was it like to go to a play during Shakespeare’s time? Crowded and noisy.
What historian did Shakespeare use as a source for writing Julius Caesar? Plutarch
When and where did Julius Caesar live? 44 BCE, Rome
Who is Pompey? Roman politician who shared power with Caesar.
What is the setting? What holiday is being celebrated? Rome. Caesar’s return.
Who are Marullus and Flavius? Attributes.
Why do Marullus and Flavius want to drive the commoners from the street? They don’t believe in or accept Rome’s obscene love for Caesar.
What do Marullus and Flavius do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory? Took decorations off Caesar’s statue.
What does Caesar tell Antony to do to Calpurnia? To whip her, so she’ll be fertile.
Why might Caesar ask Antony to whip Calpurnia in front of everyone? To prove superiority by embarrassing her.
What is a soothsayer? Of what does he warn Caesar? A sort of prophet. Warns him of the “ideas of March” (March 15th).
What does “ides” mean? 13th or 15th of a month.
Does Marcus Brutus like Caesar? Yes, he just doesn’t like the amount of power he has.
What story does Cassius tell Brutus? Caesar couldn’t swim because he’s weak.
What is Cassius’s point of telling the story? To prove that he and Brutus are equal to if not better than Caesar.
What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius and why does he feel this way? He doesn’t trust him because he’s skinny.
What handicap does Caesar reveal about himself while speaking with Antony? He is deaf in one ear.
How many times was Caesar offered the crown? Three.
What was Caesar’s reaction to the offering, according to Casca? Each time he refused it, he did it gentler, as if refusing became more difficult.
What sickness does Caesar have? Epilepsy.
What happens to Marullus and Flavius? They’re arrested.
What does Cassius plan to do to convince Brutus to conspire against Caesar? He’s going to throw “fan” letters in Brutus’ window.
What unusual events occurred during the story? A man’s hand is on fire but is not burned, there are ghosts, and owl, and a lioness giving birth.
What does Cassius interpret from the storm? It is a bad omen.
What are the senators planning to do to Caesar tomorrow? Crown him king.
Who is part of the conspiracy? Cassius, Brutus, Casca, Decius Brutus, Cinna, Metellus, Trebonius, Meteluss Cimber, Ligarius.

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