Julius Caesar

Why do the tribunes Flavius and Marullus become angry with the commoners at the beginning of the play? They were supporting Caesar when they should be Pompey
How does Caesar respond to the Soothsayer’s warning? He listens to it but then ignores it
According to Casca, what happened at the games when Mark Antony offered Caesar the crown? Caesar denies the crown
Why does Cassius send letters to Brutus that appear to have been written by different people? He threw anonymous letters in the window to persuade Brutus to join the conspirators
Why is Portia upset with Brutus? He won’t tell her why he’s upset and include her in his public place
What has made Calpurnia concerned about Caesar’s safety? She has a dream that he is a fountain spouting blood?
Why are Artemidorus and the Soothsayer trying to reach Caesar as he makes his way to the Capitol? They are trying to warn Caesar about the conspirators
How does Decius convince Caesar to change his mind about staying home? Decius reinterprets Calpurnia’s dream and says that the senate wants to give a crown so he should go and get it
What request do the conspirators make just before killing Caesar? Let Publius Cimber become a citizen and reverse his decision of exiling him
What information does Antony reveal to the crowd during his funeral speech? Caesar’s will
Why does the crowd attack Cinna the poet? They think he is a conspirator and when they found out he’s not, they are mad and kill him anyway
Which three characters have taken over control of Rome after Caesar’s assassination? Mark Antony, Octavius and Lepidus
What has strained the relationship between Brutus and Cassius? He accused Cassius of selling positions for money, Brutus’ wife is dead.
What happened to Portia after Brutus fled from Rome? She swallowed coals and died
What arguments do Brutus and Cassius make regarding whether they should march to Philippi to fight their enemies? Brutus says to march to Philippi because the towns along the way only minimally support Brutus Antony and Octavius venture that way then the towns will be against Brutus. Cassius wants to stay where they are and rest.
What misunderstanding leads to Cassius’ death? He sends a messenger to see if an army is good or bad and he thinks his last hope failed so he killed himself, but they turned out to be good.
Why does Brutus commit suicide? He saw Caesar’s ghost that told him that he would die. He thinks that he will die because of this.
What distinction does Antony make between Brutus and the other conspirators? Brutus was the only one who stabbed Caesar for the right reason-not out of jealousy

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