Julius Caesar

What is the setting? What holiday is being celebrated? The setting is Rome. The holiday being celebrated is Lupercal.
Who are Marullus and Flavius? They are tribunes, people who enforce the law.
Why do they want to drive the commoners from the street? They do not want Caesar to be celebrated, so they drive everyone from the street so there will be no parade.
What else do Marullus and Flavius do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory? They order all of the flowers and decorations to be taken down.
What does Caesar tell Antony to do to Calpurnia? Caesar tells Antony to hit Calpurnia with the sheepskin in order to insure her fertility.
What might Caesar ask Antony in front of everyone else? Caesar may want to show how obedient Antony is, all the while showing how powerful he (Caesar) is
What is a soothsayer? Of what does he warn Caesar? A soothsayer is a fortune teller. He warns Caesar to “Beware the ides of March.”
What does ides mean? “Ides” means “middle.”
Does Marcus Brutus like Caesar? What does Brutus think of Caesar’s rise to power? Use line from play to support your answer. Brutus likes Caesar as a person, but is worried that Caesar’s power will go to his head and he will be a tyrant. (Lines 78-9; 80-9)
Brutus says, “For let the gods so speed me as I love/The name of honor more that I fear death.” What do these lines imply about Brutus’s most important value in life? These lines show that Brutus is an honorable person who values his honor above all else. He wants to do what is best for Rome, even it it means he himself will die.
What does Cassius tell Brutus? Cassius tells Brutus about the time he and Caesar were swimming. Caesar started to drown and called for Cassius’s help. Cassius saved him from drowning. After he was saved, Caesar became sick and very whiny.
What is Cassius’s point in telling this story? Cassius told this story to show how weak Caesar actually is. He is not the strong character everyone believes him to be.
What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius? Why does he feel this way? Caesar believes Cassius is very dangerous because he has a “lean and hungry look.” However, he is not afraid of him because Caesar fears nothing.
What handicap does Caesar reveal about himself when speaking to Antony? Caesar is deaf in his left ear.
How many times was Caesar offered a coronet, or a small crown? Caesar is offered the crown three times.
What was Caesar’s reaction to the offering, according to Casca? Caesar looks down on the people for their smell and refuses the crown, even though he really wants it.
What sickness does Caesar have? He has the “falling sickness” or epilepsy.
What happens to Marullus and Flavius? They are exiled.
What does Cassius plan to do to convince Brutus to conspire against Caesar? He intends to write letters in different handwriting and deliver them to Brutus. That way, Brutus will think everyone wants to be King instead of Caesar.
What unusual events occur during the storm? A slave was on fire, but his hand didn’t burn; there was a lion on the steps of the Capitol; women swore they saw men on fire marching up and down the street; an owl was in the market place in the afternoon.
What meaning does Cassius interpret from the storm? Cassius believes the storm means Caesar should not be king.
According to Casca, what was the senators planning to do to Caesar tomorrow? They are planning to crown him king.
Who is definitely part of the conspiracy? -Cassius-Casca-Cinna-Metellus Cimber-Decius Brutus-Trebonius
According to Brutus, why is is necessary that Caesar be killed? He feels Caesar will be dangerous as a king.
What actions does Lucius perform that help the plot unfold? He brought Brutus the letter.
What is Brutus’s internal conflict? He isn’t sure whether or not Caesar should die.
Why does Brutus disagree about taking an oath? He thinks their word is enough promise.
Why does Metellus think it would be a good idea to ask Cicero to join the conspiracy? Cicero is older, so Metellus thinks their actions would garner more respect.
Why does Brutus say they should not ask Cicero to join the conspiracy? Cicero is set in his ways and will not go along with another person’s plan.
What does Brutus say about killing Marc Antony? It will be too bloody and malicious and will take away from their original purpose.
What reason does Cassius give for why Caesar might not come out of his house today? Caesar is superstitious.
By what method does Decius say he will use to get Caesar out of the house? Decius will flatter Caesar until he agrees to come out.
Why is Portia, Brutus’s wife, worried about Brutus? Brutus has been edgy lately.
How does she prove her strength to Brutus? Portia stabs herself in the thigh and bears the wound silently.
Why does Calpurnia want Caesar to stay home? She had a bad dream and saw it as a omen.
Describe Calpurnia’s dream. She dreamed Caesar’s statue had blood pouring from it.
How does Decius interpret Calpurnia’s dream? Decius says it means Caesar will give new life to Rome.
What arguments does Decius use to change Caesar’s mind about going to the Capitol? Decius says everyone will think Caesar is a coward.
What does Artemidorous plan to do? He plans to give Caesar a letter warning him about the danger.
Why is Portia so nervous? She suspects something is wrong, perhaps the conspiracy, and is worried about her husband.
What does Portia want Lucius to do? She wants him to check on Brutus and tell him she is fine.
What does the soothsayer tell Portia? He doesn’t know of any plot against Caesar but he fears it could happen. He’s going to talk to Caesar.
What reason does Caesar give for not reading Artemidorus’s letter? He says that since it pertains to himself he cannot read it because he only cares about Rome.
What role does Trebonius play in the conspiracy? He is to distract Antony.
What role does Metellus Cimber play in the conspiracy? He is to beg for the life of his banished brother.
What role does Casca play in the conspiracy? He is the first to stab.
What is Caesar’s opinion of himself? He believes himself to be fair and just, “constant as the Northern Star.”
What does “Et tu, Brute?” mean? How do these words relate to the theme of friendship in the play? It means, “You too, Brute?” This shows that Caesar valued his friendship with Brutus so much that if Brutus felt he should die, then he would do so.
Where does Caesar’s dead body lie? How is this ironic? It lies at the bottom of the statue of Pompey. This is ironic because Caesar was thought to have defeated Pompey and is not dead at his feet.
What does Brutus tell the conspirators to do after killing Caesar? He tells him to wash in Caesar’s blood.
What promise does Brutus tell the servant to relay to Antony? He tells the servant to let Antony know they do not plan on murdering him.
What does Antony say about the possibility of being killed by the conspirators? He says if they plan to kill him, they should do so while he stands over Caesar’s body.
After being assured he is in no danger, what favor does Antony ask of the conspirators? He asks to speak at Caesar’s funeral.
What does Cassius think about granting Antony this favor? Cassius does not want to grant this favor, out of fear of what Antony might say.
What restrictions does Brutus set? Antony cannot speak badly about the conspirators and Brutus insists he be allowed to speak first.
Summarize Antony’s main points in his speech to Caesar’s body. He vows to avenge Caesar’s death.
Who is coming to Rome to meet with Antony? Caesar’s nephew, Octavius Caesar, will be coming.
According to Brutus’s speech to the commoners, what reasons does he give for Caesar’s death? Brutus loved Rome more than he loved Caesar. Caesar would have made them all slaves.
What is the mood of the crowd as Brutus finishes his speech? They agree with Brutus and believe he did what was right.
What does Brutus offer at the end of his speech? He offers his dagger so they can kill him if they disagree with his killing of Caesar.
Lise three points of Antony’s speech that work to persuade the crowd to turn on the conspirators. Caesar was not ambitious; he brings up Caesar’s will; he keeps calling the conspirators “honorable” but makes sure his tone and evidence suggest otherwise.
What reason does Antony give for why he cannot read Caesar’s will? The crowd will go crazy when they hear how much Caesar loved them. They will want to kill the conspirators.
What has Caesar bequeathed the Romans in his will? He gave them money and land.
How does the crowd react to Antony’s speech? They want the conspirators to pay for what they did to Caesar.
What happens to Cinna the Poet? Why? He is killed by the angry mob because they think he is Cinna the conspirator. Even when they find out he is not the conspirator, they kill him anyway, out of anger.
About what do Ovtavius and Antony argue? They argue about how they will enter battle.
What is significant about this day for Cassius? It is Cassius’s birthday.
What are two things Brutus says he will never do, even is he loses the war? Brutus will not kill himself, nor will he let himself be led as a prisoner through Rome.
How does Brutus feel about the battle at this point? He feels as though he can win the battle.
Who wins the first battle? Antony wins the first battle.
What does Cassius send Titinius to do? He sends Titinius to see whose army is winning.
Why does Cassius decide to kill himself? He feels guilty for what they have done and he also thinks he will lose the battle.
How does Cassius’s death help Pindarus? Pindarus was Cassius’s slave, so upon Cassius’s death, Pindarus becomes free.
What mistake caused Cassius’s death? Cassius thought his army was losing the battle because he thought Titinius had been captured. However, he had not been captured and their army was actually winning.
What does Titinius do when Messala goes to inform Brutus of Cassius’s death? He kills himself.
What happens to Cato? He dies in battle.
Who does Lucillus pretend to be? He pretends to be Brutus.
What happens to Lucillus? He is captured, but is kept safe.
What does Brutus ask Clitus, Dardanius, and Volomnius to do? He asks them to kill him.
How does Brutus die? He stabs himself.
According to Marc Antony, why is Brutus better than the other conspirators? Brutus did what he did for the love of Rome, not out of jealousy of Caesar, as the others did.

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