Jeffries Macbeth Background

England firmly establishes the __________, which attacks Catholics and witches Church of England
England emerges as naval and commercial power of Western world after defeating the __________ Spanish armada
Who did the Church of England begin with and why? Henry VIII because he wanted to divorce his wife and the pope wouldn’t let him
Who did Catholics want to crown? Mary StuartCatholic queen of Scotland
Who was imprisoned for 19 years and eventually beheaded? Mary Stuart
King James I was the son of whom? King James VI of Scotland and Mary Stuart
What was the Gun Powder Plot 1605 – Catholics plot to blow up king and Parliament
Who played a big role in the Gun Powder Plot? Guy Fawkesrented cellar under the House of Lords, where he stored 36 barrels of gunpowder
What increased Catholic persecution? the Gun Powder Plot
What is significant about Nov. 5th in England and what do they do? Guy Fawkes DayThe English burn dummies of Guy and set off fireworks to celebrate
What happened during the reign of King James I? 1607 – Jamestown settled1611 – King James Bible publishedWitch Trials
Who was Macbeth written for? James I
Who was obsessed with demonology and what is it? James Ithe idea of magic and witches
James I is a descendant of who in Macbeth? Banquo
When did the real Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Duncan, etc., live? 1000sBeowulf’s time
Why was Macbeth a short play? because James I liked short plays
What is the Macbeth curse? Supposedly, saying the name “Macbeth” inside a theater will bring bad luck to the play and anyone acting in it
What is the exception to the Macbeth curse? The only exception is when the word is spoken as a line in the play
What do people refer to Macbeth (the play) as to avoid the curse? “The Scottish Play” or “MacB”
What did Shakespeare do in the opening scene of Macbeth to please James I? he used a real 17th century black-magic ritualwithout changing an ingredient, he provided his audience with step-by-step instructions of how to create a real spell
How did Macbeth become cursed? witches cast a spell on the play because they did not like the public exposure of their witchcraft in the opening scene
What must one do to reverse the Macbeth curse? 1) Exit the theater, 2) Spin around three times saying a profanity3) And then ask for permission to return inside *OR4) Some believe that you can repeat the words “Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground,”
Example of curse (first performance ever) Shakespeare had to play Macbeth when the boy who was suppose to became ill and diedJames I banned the play for 5 years
Example of curse (Amsterdam) 1672 – Macbeth actor substituted real dagger and actually killed Duncan
Example of curse (Lady Macbeth incidents) Sarah Siddons – ravaged by audienceSybil Thorndike – almost strangled by actorDiana Wynyard – sleepwalked off stage and fell 15ft
Example of curse (New York) 1849 – riot broke out, 31 ppl trampled to deathMacduff mugged
Example of curse (USA) 1937 – 25lb stage weight almost hit MacBsword flew into audience and caused man to later have heart attack
Example of curse (Bermuda) 1952 – actor burned from kerosene soaked tights
What is Macbeth’s castle and where is it near? Invernessnear Dunsinane and Birnahm Woods
What is MacDuff’s castle? Fife
What are two territories in Scotland? Cawdor & Glamis
What are the four countries where Macbeth takes place? (or places that are mentioned) Scotland (mostly)EnglandIrelandNorway
Who is Duncan? Scottish King killed by Macbeth
Who is Macduff? Scottish nobleman hostile to Macbeth’s kingship from the start
Who is Malcolm? Duncan’s sonflees Scotland after Duncan’s murder to England
Who is Donalbain? Duncan’s son and Malcolm’s younger brotherflees Scotland after Duncan’s murder to Ireland
Who is Fleance? Banquo’s son who survives Macbeth’s murder attempt

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