Jane Eyre, Animal Farm, Romeo and Juliet

What is Jane’s favorite book as a child? Gulliver’s Travels
How would you describe Mr. Brocklehurst’s nature? Cold, dark, mean
Who makes Helen Burns “an object of constant notice”? Miss Schatcherd
How does Mr. Brocklehurt’s control over Lowood end? When an epidemic causes a public inquiry
Where is Jane’s uncle from? What does he want upon his visit to Gateshead? What does he ultimately leave Jane at the end of the novel? Madierra; to adopt Jane; 20,000 pounds
Describe the role Helen Burns plays in Jane’s life. Teaches Jane how a lady should act, obedient, polite, agreeing
Identify the most sympathetic teacher at Lowood. Miss Temple
What becomes of John Reed? He kills himself
Describe the differences in Jane’s last two encounters with Mrs. Reed. When she was a child they had an argument and her aunt didn’t even say goodbye, before she died she apologized and gave her the letter from her uncle but didn’t want to kiss Jane
which setting is the epitome of a Gothic romance? Thornfield Hall
Explain the role that foils play in the novel. St. John and Mr. Rochester were foils and they were important because even though St. John wanted to marry Jane she refused because she was in love with Rochester and she was St. John’s cousin. Jane and Helen were foils and although Helen tried to teach Jane to be more obedient, Jane remained a free spirit.
What are Jane’s watercolors like? What could they possibly reveal about her character? Reveal her great awareness of dreams, her spiritual “eye” they reveal her dark side as well as how she imagines herself, being saved by Rochester
Where does Jane first meet Rochester? Describe Rochester’s behavior. She meets him when she is walking to the town and he is riding his horse to Thornfield. He is portrayed as a knight in shining armor although he has a dark face with stern features.
Why does Rochester dress like a gypsy woman? To learn what Blanche and Jane think about him, Blanche is upset when she learns he doesn’t have as much money as she thought, Jane realizes it is him, so he doesn’t get any information from her, she is stubborn.
what is the most unusual aspect of Thornfield Hall? Bertha Mason
What are the benefits of having Jane tell the story? She isn’t particularly biased, she is her own person. Tells things how they are, doesn’t have a mental problem that makes her distort things. Is for the most part reasonable like when she left Rochester.
The splitting of the chestnut is a potent symbol of what? Jane and Rochester’s relationship ending
Where did Rochester meet Bertha Mason? What was he doing there? In Jamaica, his dad and brother wanted him to meet and marry her for money because his father gave the mansion to his brother.
What does Bertha Mason represent? Women, isolation, Jane’s feelings
How may we call Rochester a Byronic hero? Guided by his senses, not his rational mind.
When does Jane hit rock bottom? When she left Thornfield and was almost dying without food or shelter.
Describe St. John Rivers. He is handsome, blond, blue-eyes, compared to a Greek statue.
Diana and Mary study which language? German
St. John persuades Jane to study the language of which country? Hindustani
In what way does St. John foil Edward Rochester? Look wise, one is ugly and the other is handsome, Rochester is more caring about Jane and her feelings and did what he needed to do to get her. St. John tried to persuade her to marry him, but she continued to refuse and went back to Rochester.
Why does St. John seek a relationship with Jane? Jane wants a relationship because she has been alone for so long and wants a family, but St. John wants to marry her to take her on a mission trip to India.
Who does St. John’s heart truly yearn for? Rosamond Oliver
Why does Jane leave Moor House? She hears Rochester calling out to her, she goes to visit him and never returns.
Identify some of St. John’s flaws.T He only cares for himself and doesn’t really want to be a missionary
Who tells Jane about the destruction of Thornfield Hall? The Millcote inkeeper who used to work in Thornfield.
For Jane, an orphan, what is ironic about the Rivers family? Their parents are dead as well and they live with Hannah, they are related
Explain what happened at Thornfield Hall. What happened to Rochester? Bertha started a fire again and Rochester got everyone out of the house then saw her on the roof and tried to save her but she jumped. Then something collapsed so Rochester is blind and crippled.
How does the novel end? Rochester gaining some of his sight back, they were married, and had a son. Jane still takes care of Adele and makes sure she is going to a good school, wanted to still be her governess but it was too overwhelming while caring for Edward. St. John dies – 10 years later – living in Ferndean Manor – Rosamond is married
Czar Nicolas leader before the revolution = Mr. Jones
Karl Marx kicks off the revolution; wrote the Communist manifesto, Lenin calls for revolution among the people; Old Major
Vladimir Lenin led the first revolution; first led the USSR (union of soviet socialist republics) (followed by Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky); Old Major
Joseph Stalin second leader of the USSR (Orwell wanted to expose and condemn what he saw as Stalinist corruption of the original socialist ideas – propaganda ruled); Napoleon
Leon Trotsky a Marxist theorist; worked with Stalin; Stalin rose in power by being appointed by Lenin then after his death moving up the ladder, he appointed his allies to government jobs to grow a base of political support; Snowball
Socialism a set of political and economic theories based on the belief that everyone has an equal right to a share of a country’s wealth and that the government should own and control the main industries.
Communism a political movement that believes in an economic system in which the state controls the means of producing everything on behalf of the people. It aims to create a society in which everyone is treated equally; dictatorship
Propaganda information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
Allegory a story in which each character or event is a symbol representing an idea or a quality, such as truth, evil, death, etc; the use of such symbols
Satire a work that exposes the faults in a society using humor, irony, sarcasm, and hyperbole (exaggeration)
What was the year of the communist revolution that overthrew the Russian Monarchy? 1917
When did George Orwell publish Animal? What was his inspiration? What was unique about the time period during which he was writing it? 1945; a boy pulling a carthorse; he wrote it to warn the world and as a satire to make people aware of what happened in Russia
What was Orwell’s purpose? to warn the rest of the world about what was happening in Russia.
What was The Manor Farm like before the animals’ revolt? Mr. Jones was in charge, he drank a lot, made the animals do a lot of work and didn’t give them anything in return.
In Old Major’s speech, who is the enemy and why? Mr. Jones because he makes the animals do lots of work and doesn’t give them anything in return.
What happens during the Battle of Cowshed? The farmers tried to take back the farm, Boxer stunned a boy and thought he killed him, Snowball was the leader, Napoleon wasn’t present, a sheep was killed
Explain the significance of the animals’ rubbish fire after the battle. They wanted to signify they had nothing to do with the humans anymore, they worked together and shared the results, they didn’t want anything manmade to be on their farm.
What is historically ironic about the Animalism flag? It looks similar to the communist flag
What is Snowball’s opinion of the windmill? What does it mean for the animals? Snowball proposes this idea and is all for it, he has plans for it as well. It means the animals will have to less work and obtain more results.
What is Napoleon’s first opinion of the windmill? Why does he change his mind? He doesn’t it want it to be built because he thinks it will take too long and won’t work. He changes his mind because he says Snowball took that idea from him and believes it will be beneficial.
How does the windmill ultimately impact Animal Farm? It creates lots of work for the animals because they have to build it multiple times and creates lots of work for Boxer because he is the strongest.
What does “The Beasts of England” stand for? it is their anthem
Why is it significant that Napoleon changes the name of Animal Farm back to Manor Farm? to show that the book has come full circle and the farm is back to the way it was except with a new leader.
How and why are the seven commandments modified? Why does no one protest? Squealer changes them to justify what Napoleon and the pigs are doing. No one protests because they can’t read, so they don’t know the difference and didn’t memorize the first seven.
How is Snowball used as a scapegoat after he is exiled? Why is he used this way? He is blamed for everything that happens such as weeds, crop failure, or the windmill breaking. He is used this way because Napoleon knows he is failing but doesn’t want to admit it to the other animals, so he blames Snowball.
What is the anthem of Animal Farm? Why is it important? Beasts of England because they sing it in harsh times to remind each other of their patriotism.
In the song, what are some references to the Communist revolution? Tyrant Man shall be o’erthrown, And the fruitful fields of England, Shall be trod by beasts alone.- On the day that sets us free- For that day we all must labour, Though we die before it break; Cows and horses, geese and turkeys, All must toil for freedom’s sake
How does the role of the anthem change in the story? Napoleon banishes it and makes a song written about him called Comrade Napoleon, makes them working together into a dictatorship.
Blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter
Rhymed verse rhymes
Prose casual language
Couplet two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by rhyme, that form a unit.
Soliloquy an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play
Monologue a long speech by one actor in a play or movie, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program.
Aside Character says something quietly to another so only they and the audience know
Foil Characters who contrast
Oxymoron speech contradicts itself; opposites
Dramatic irony a literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character’s words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.
Sonnet a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line.
Extended metaphor a comparison between two unlike things that continues throughout a series of sentences in a paragraph or lines in a poem. It is often comprised of more than one sentence and sometimes consists of a full paragraph
What does the servants’ quarrel in Act One prove? That the feud between the families is so large that even the servants fight from each family.
What is Benvolio’s role in the play? Tybalt’s? The Prince? Benvolio is Romeo’s best friend and summarizes things that happen. Tybalt is a Capulet and causes lots of trouble that end up getting him killed. Prince wants to maintain public peace.
Explain how Rosaline contributes to the play’s dramatic irony. She is related to Juliet.
How are Mercutio and Romeo foils? Romeo believes in love and dreams, but Mercutio believes they aren’t real and don’t mean anything.
What does Romeo compare Juliet to in the balcony scene? he compares her to the sun, earlier he compares her to a torch, saying she burns bright.
What does Juliet say about Romeo’s name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, doesn’t matter that he is a Montague.
Describe Juliet’s take on her new love of Romeo. Is she as bold as he is? She is still obedient and this is the first thing she does to disobey her parents. She marries her rival without her parents novel, only does this after a night.
What kind of role does Friar Lawrence have? How does he warn the young lovers? He marries Romeo and Juliet and is a father figure to Romeo and kind of Juliet. WARNING??
Who is the Prince of Cats? Tybalt
How does Mercutio die? Tybalt starts a fight with Romeo but Mercutio fights and is killed, then Romeo slays Tybalt.
At the beginning of Act III, why does Benvolio think there will be a fight? Because Romeo and Juliet just got married and they see Tybalt.
Why does Mercutio curse the Capulets and Montagues? Because the dispute that is started is between them
Foreshadowing: …..
What does “banished” mean to Romeo? He isn’t allow in Verona, he is exiled to Mantua.
Romeo and Juliet are their parents’ only children. Why is this significant to the plot? This is significant because their siblings would get in the way. Possibly fall in love with each other or tattle if they knew what was happening.
Why does Lord Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris quicker than expected? Because she pretends to be obedient.
Describe the friars plans in the play, first to end the feud, then to reunite Romeo and Juliet. he thinks marrying them will end the feud and he tells Juliet that Romeo and him will fetch her from the tomb
Musicians end Act Four. Why? What does their presence and playing signify? They were supposed to play at the wedding. It signifies the end, there can no longer be a marriage because she is dead.
What coincidences conspire to wreck the Friar’s plans in Act Five? Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead and Friar John is quarantined and cannot deliver the letter to Romeo.
How does dramatic irony reach its peak in the final act? The audience knows Romeo and Juliet will die because one knows the other is dead and kills them self and the other finds the other dead and they both end up dead.

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