irony/allusion notes

situational irony something happens that we wouldn’t elect to happen (a fire station burns down)
dramatic irony the reader knows something the characters don’t (Home Alone)
verbal irony what is said is different to what is meant (“break a leg”)
crucible examples parris is preaching about gold candle sticks (material items) and holy people should be humble….rebecca nurse is accused of witchcraft and she is the most innocent and holy person in the town….mary gave the poppet to elizabeth the poppet right before the cops were coming for an inspection
A Cold War exists btwn Elizabeth and John both events occurred because of the conflicts and suspicion
John Proctor has an achilles heel John Proctor is very vulnerable and sensitive Abigail, and she is his weakness
something between a siren and a harpy, abigail proves to be johns wrongdoing abigail lures john to a bad place and she’s evil
reverend hale brings an ivory tower he has to do an unusual examination on betty
with the sword of damocles above his head he knew he made the mistake of committing adultery , therefore it was a constant threat that was reminding him what he has done

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