introduction to anglo-saxton literature: beowulf

____ refers to a conclusion based on evidence in the text inference
Which sentence from the passage best supports his inference?Beowulf, Ecgtheow’s son, replied:”Well, friend Unferth, you have had your sayabout Breca and me. But it was mostly beerthat was doing the talking. The truth is this:when the going was heavy in those high waves,I was the strongest swimmer of all.We’d been children together and we grew updaring ourselves to outdo each other,boasting and urging each other to riskour lives on the sea.Now read Luka’s inference.Even though he’s a warrior, Beowulf often uses diplomacy instead of rushing to anger and aggression. But it was mostly beer that was doing the talking.
Which passage best supports her inference?Read Anja’s inference about Hrothgar.Despite Grendel’s success in killing Hrothgar’s men, Hrothgar’s faith in God remained unshaken. [Hrothgar] Now Holy Godhas, in His goodness, guided him hereto the West-Danes, to defend us from Grendel.
Which interpretation of Beowulf does the passage best support?”It bothers me to have to burden anyonewith all the grief Grendel has causedand the havoc he has wreaked upon us in Heorot,our humiliations. My household-guardare on the wane, fate sweeps them awayinto Grendel’s clutches—but God can easilyhalt these raids and harrowing attacks! While reading Beowulf, the reader encounters aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture such as Christian and Pagan traditions.
Which feature of Old English poetry did this modern translation maintain?They marched in step, hurrying on till the timbered hall rose before them, radiant with gold.Nobody on earth knew of another building like it. Majesty lodged there,its light shone over many lands. alliteration
old english developed from ___ tribes Germanic
Which excerpt from the modern translation of Beowulf most strongly reflects the half-line style of Old English poetry? will go and ask himabout your coming here, then hurry back
To make an inference correctly, a reader should provide evidence to support the inference.
When a student studies the way the English language has evolved, the student is studying English’s development
The passage features Anglo-Saxon culture because people areThen it was like old times in the echoing hall,proud talk and the people happy,loud and excited; until soon enoughHalfdane’s heir had to be awayto his night’s rest. He realizedthat the demon was going to descend on the hall,that he had plotted all day, from dawn-lightuntil darkness gathered again over the worldand stealthy night-shapes came stealing forthunder the cloud-murk. feasting

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