industrial revolution test review multiple choice

labor Events that occurred during the Second Agricultural revolution had a positive effect on which of the four factors of production?
Wealthy British merchants and businessmen who profited from trade during the 1700’s The four factors of production are labor, capital, natural resources, and entrepreneurship. Where did the capital come from that helped Britain industrialize during the early 1800’s?
He was trying to help cotton farmers keep up with the increasing demand created by textile factories Eli Whitney was an American who invented the cotton gin. When Whitney invented the cotton gin, what problem was he trying to solve?
Railroads didn’t need water, so they could travel to more places over land What was one advantage that railroads had over canals?
Plumbing leaks Which of the following was not one of the hardships endured by urban tenement dwellers
Miners breathed in Which of the following was a harsh condition that both factory workers and mine workers had to endure?
Orphanages Many Children worked in various dangerous occupations during the industrial revolution. In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, where did factory owners turn to find MOST of their child laborers?
That eventually the proletariat would become unhappy and start a revolution Adam Smith was an economist who supported laissez-faire policies. Which of the following was not something that Smith advocated.
Early communist governments were usually authoritarian regimes controlled by a small elite In his pamphlet The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx argued that eventually industrial nations would evolve into a classless society in which the means of production would be owned in common for the good of all. Why is that view ironic when compared to the way early communist countries really operated?
Social Democracy Which of the following is the name of the political ideology in which there is a gradual transition from capitalism to communism?
The factory system allowed more cloth to be made at a lower cost What is the main reason the “putting-out” system gave way to the factory system in the British textile industry?
A decrease in domestic violence Leaders in the temperance movement argued that a ban on alcohol would lead to
It increased the urban work force How did the enclosure movement contribute to the Industrial Revolution?
Boys were more likely than girls to receive instruction in mathematics and science Which statement most accurately describes the education of middle class girls and boys during the late Industrial Age?
100% free health insurance Which of the following was not a positive change that workers gained as a result of the work of labor unions?
Wendy’s buying out McDonald’s Horizontal Integration example
Wendy’s Corporation buying a cattle farm, a meat processing plant, and a fleet of refrigerated trucks Vertical Integration example
Big corporations began to employ talented engineers and scientist to improve products and production methods. This was done to help companies do better than their competitors. Understand why there was an explosion of new inventions during the second industrial revolution
1st IR – Began in mid to late 1700’s in Great Britain Textile (cloth making) industry was first to industrialize First textile mills were powered by water wheels on streams (called water mills) Eventually water mills replaced by steam engines Factory workers took advantage of their work force and many had to endure harsh Conditions New inventions created by independent tinkerers like Eli Whitney and James Watt2nd IR – Began during the mid to late 1800’s Electricity replaces steam as the #1 power source Huge corporations in the steel industry etc began to dominate the economy Companies hired people to come up with new ideas so they could compete better Division of labor and interchangeable parts increase production even more Workers formed Unions and earned higher pay, shorter hours, and safer conditions Know the difference between the first and the second industrial revolutionkn

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