In Search of Beowulf

5th Beowulf is the work of the Anglo-Saxons, who came to England in the _______ century.
southeast coast In England, where did the Anglo-Saxons settle?
language Anglo-Saxons had a profound impact on this part of culture
Denmark and Scandinavia Setting of Beowulf
quest Beowulf is the perennial story of a _______ of a leader who battles monsters to save his people from Evil.
oral tradition How did Beowulf spread?
scop Who delivered the tales?
bard other word for scop
recounting of Shield Sheafson How does Beowulf begin?
6th What century did the story originate?
1939 What year did historians find a clue to the origins of Beowulf?
Sutton Hoo Where did historians find a clue to the origins of Beowulf?
burial chamber What did the greatest excavation in England’s history discover?
King Redwald Who did the helmet from the excavation belong to?
names How did scholars trace the story of Beowulf to a certain an area in England?
“spiritual warfare” of priests What did the actual warfare of Beowulf reflect in Christianity?
Cain Who is Grendel a descendant of?
Adam and Eve Who is Cain the son of?
Abel Who is Cain’s brother?
first murder What did Cain do?
“the old enemy” and “the fiend of mankind” What are the biblicized names of Grendel?
grindel What is another word for a marsh?
Black Shuck What is another name for the Devil Dog/Hellhound?
gift from the gods What is iron to the Anglo-Saxons?
earth, fire, air, and water What were the four elements a smith had to use?
Bede Who wrote “The Ecclesiastical History of the English Church?”
pagan poems What competed with Christian poems contrary to what Bede says?
both “The heart of God is narrow and cannot include….”
The Dream of the Rood Story that talks about the crucifixion of Jesus from the point of view of the tree
Germanic hero What does “The Dream of the Rood” portray Jesus as?
tree of life What was a major Pagan figure in “The Dream of the Rood”?
Seamus Heaney Who published a best-selling translation of Beowulf?
1999 When was a best-selling translation of Beowulf published?
malignant What is the fire dragon not?
web What are Beowulf and the dragon caught in?
physical What kind of test are the first two battles?
spiritual What kind of test is the third battle?
Malmesbury in Wilshire Where was Beowulf likely written?
“to live up to your own best possibilities”; Why does Beowulf fight the last battle?
cowboy What is young Beowulf?
soul What has older Beowulf become?

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