Important Scenes in Macbeth

Witches prophecies 1.3
Unsex me scene 1.5
Macbeth’s tragic flaw–spur is vaulting ambition 1.7
I have given suck scene 1.7
Screw your courage scene 1.7
Murder plan is revealed 1.7
Dagger soliloquy 2.1
Duncan’s murder 2.2
Sleep references 2.2
Comic relief scene–drunken porter 2.3
Murder is discovered by Macduff 2.3
Macbeth already named King and gone to Scone to be crowned 2.4
Dramatic reverse–Banquo’s murder and Fleance’s escape 3.3
Climax of the play–the banquet scene where Banquo’s ghost appears 3.4
The apparitions 4.1
Macduff’s family is slain 4.2
Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene 5.1
Macbeth’s defeat and beheading 5.8