Ideas, Imagery, and Diction in Macbeth

what are the idea’s that permeate Macbeth the way the supernatural world relates to the natural world
the problem for everyone except the witches is ______________ uncertain perception
Macbeth fails to understand the influence of the supernatural world is _________, not ______. to understand that the influence is INDIRECT not direct
what does Macbeth do to allow evil to affect his world he grants the supernatural world too much power by believing it is more powerful than it is
How does Malcolm understand the supernatural world Malcolm understands the supernatural world correctly, in contrast to Macbeth, he understands that the powers above affects the world indirectly and that they use men to advance the cause of good
what is diction “choice of words”
Antithesis, a ______ device. examples of this… Antithesis, a rhetorical deviceexamples: “foul and faire” and “lost and won”
in what scenes does equivocation occur? what is the effect it has? equivocation in: porter scene, appears as an allusion – appears in other scenes as a device to evade the truth through ambiguity
Familial diction references references to sterility, fertility, childbirth, lactation, milk, breeding, being born, “ditch delivered,” surgical delivery, babies, family relationships, cousins, uncles, and descendants
Gender references females’ needing to be unsexed to be savage, bringing forth men children only, and Lady Macbeth questioning Macbeth’s manhood
what shows Macbeth’s faulty in understanding the supernatural powers his belief that the witches have “more than mortal knowledge”
Lady Macbeth’s reference to _______________ also shows that she does not understand supernatural powers her reference to “fate and metaphysical aid”
Malcolm’s reference to the __________________ shows that he understands the supernaturals role as indirect, needing humans as agents “powers above [putting] on their instruments”
the word __________ contributes to uncertain pereption seems
__________, _________, and _________ are activities that work with darkness hiding, concealing, and pretending
images of darkness become noticeable when macbeth asks _______________ when he asks the stars to hide their fire
what two different things are birds symbolic of family and family life, and predation and death
which birds represent family life marlets, chickens, and dams
which birds represent predation and death the raven, the owl, crows, rooks, choughs, hell kite
how do birds relate to the supernatural by being omens, and because they can fly between heaven and earth
what two things can stagecraft mean they can mean the supernatural’s spectator quality, or they can refer to our futility in acting out things in life
examples of religious images prayer (macbeth’s inability to pray), scripture (memorize another Golgotha), the supernatural (“the powers above”) and saintliness (Duncan and his wife and Edward’s prophetic gift)
what images appear in clusters toward the end of the play healing, medicine, and disease image
Contrast between Edward and Macbeth King Edward- healsMacbeth- infects
who is the “medicine of the sickly weal” malcolm is the cure/ medicine for all of the damage Macbeth has caused
What does the first doctor attest too Edward’s healing power
What does the second doctor attest too the medicine’s inability to cure Lady Macbeth
the MANY different signs of blood as a fluid, as a sign of guilt, revenge, indicator of familial ties, and a descriptor for a way of life (“secretest man of blood”)
How does the exchange of plant metaphors between Banquo and Duncan play out Banquo speaks about “the seeds of time,” Duncan about planting Banquo, then Banquo about a harvest that will be Duncan’s.
How does Lady Macbeth use plant imagery she talks about being the serpent under an “innocent flower.”
How does Malcolm use plant imagery Malcolm says that Macbeth is “ripe for shaking”, picturing him as an apple tree with rotten fruit
What type of plant imagery fulfills the second apparitions prophecy cutting boughs from Birnam Wood
Food imagery occurs early on between ______ and ______ between Banquo and Duncan
When else does food imagery occur at the Banquet in act 3