Humanities Midterm “The Tempest Film

Shot A perceivable sequence of frames, separated from other shots by techniques of division. Films are a sequence of shots.
Mis-en-scene Describes how people, objects, and setting are staged for the camera. Includes setting, lighting, costume, placements of actors and objects.
Editing (cuts) A transition made by splicing together two pieces of film
Soundtrack The audio component of a film captured in film or added post filming. Includes music, dialogue or added sound effects.
Three Postcolonial adaptations of “The Tempest” 1. Aime Cesaire “A Tempest”2. Suniti Namjoshi “Snapshots of Caliban”3. Lemuel Johnson “Calypso for Caliban
Modernism The artisitc response to modernity. Modernity includes industrialization, urbanization, technological advances, and loss of community.Mid to late 19th century to mid 20th century
Postmodernism -Rejection of modernism (authenticity, originality and progress)-Intertextuality.-Embrace of mass media and consumer culture-Rejection of art as search for truth.-use of irony, parody and humor.