Huckleberry Finn Study Guide Questions

Chapters 1-3:Identify: Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Jim, Miss Watson, and Widow Douglas. Huck Finn is an adventure and the main character. Tim Sawyer is a risk taker and Huck’s friend.Jim is Miss Watson’s slave who ran away.Miss Watson is the care taker of Huck.and Widow Douglas is also the care taker of Huck.
Why doesn’t Huck get along with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas? Because they make him do things he doesn’t want to do.
What does Huck think about religion– specifically the good place, the bad place and prayer? Huck thinks the good place is boring and he wants to go to the bad place because he thinks that’s were Jim is going.
Give at least two examples of superstition in this section of the novel. The magic hairball.Jim says he is surrounded by witches.
Contrast Huck and Tom. What are their main differences? Huck isn’t a go getter.Tom is a go getter.
Chapters 4-7:Why did Huck give his money to Judge Thatcher? So that his Pap couldn’t try and take it away from him.
Describe Pap Fin. What kind of person is he? He is mean and he beats Huck. He is always drunk and he is rude and tries to take away Huck’s money.
What is Huck’s attitude towards his father? He doesn’t like him so he runs away because he doesn’t want to be with him.
Why does Pap yell at Huck for becoming civilized? Is he right? Because he doesn’t want Huck to be better than him. Yes he is right.
What was Huck’s plan of escape from his father? He was gunna make it looked like the place was robbed and that they killed Huck.
How do you know that material things don’t matter to Huck? It didn’t bother him when. He was throwing Pap’s things everywhere.
Chapters 8-1:What purpose(s) does Huck’s death severed? To get away from his dad.
How does Huck meet Jim on Jackson’s Island? Why is Jim there? Huck runs into him after he gets off his raft. Jim is there because he is a runaway slave.
What is in the two story house that floats by? A dead body and useful items that Jim and Huck could use.
Give three examples of Man vs. Society in this section. Huck not liking society.Jim not liking slavery.Pap’s attitude with society.
How are the townspeople superstitious? Jim? Huck? Give examples.
Compare/contrast Huck and Jim.
Why does Huck dress as a girl to go ashore? Why does he go? What does he find out?
How do you know Huck and Jim are friends by the end of Chapter XI?
Chapters 12-14:Why do Huck and Jim begin their journey down the Mississippi?
Why do Huck and Jim board the Walter Scott?
Why does Huck want to save Jim Turner?
How does Huck send help to the Walter Scott?
What do we learn about Jim from him talking about “king Sollermun”?
Chapters 15-18:What trick does Huck play on Jim?
Why doesn’t Huck turn in Jim?
Why don’t the slave hunters get Jim?
Explain the differences between Huck and the hunters.
What is the bad luck in Chapter 16?
How does Huck get to the Grangerfords?
Why did Twain include this adventure with the Grangerfords?
Chapters 19-25:How did Jim and Huck meet the king and duke?
Does Huck believe their story?
Give two examples of the “cleverness” of the king and duke.
Why did the people return to the show?
what’s the point of the incident of the shooting of Boggs?
Why do we hear about Jim’s daughter “Lizabeth”?
Where did the king and the duke get their plan about being the Wilks brothers?
Chapters 26-31:How do the king and duke get the money?
Why does Huck steal the money from the mattress?
Why doesn’t Huck conscience bother him when he lies so much?
What things give away the king and duke?
Why is Huck upset when Jim is sold?
Why is it important that Huck says, “All right then, I’ll go to hell.”?
Chapters 32-39:Why does Huck assume Tom Sawyer’s identity?
What happens when Tom appears on the scene?
What’s the difference between Tom’s plan for freeing Jim and Huck’s?
How does Huck change when Tom comes?
Tom’s plan is actually cruel. Why?
What more do we learn about Tom in these chapters?
Chapters 40-43:How does Huck appear to be superior to Tom?
What happens to Jim?
What happens to Tom?

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