Huckleberry Finn Study Guide/BoardGame Questions and Answers

What did the slaves do before they went to bed at night? They came into the house for prayers.
Who gave the catcall after midnight? Tom Sawyer was calling for Huck.
In the beginning of the story, where does Tom take Huck and the gang? Tom takes Huck and the gang to the cave through the hole that he had discovered earlier.
What does Jim think has happened when he finds his hat hanging in the tree? Jim thinks that he has been ridden around the world by witches.
When Tom’s gang tries to rob the rich “Spaniards” and “A-rabs,” who do they actually rob? The gang tries to rob a Sunday school picnic. To their humiliation, it is a primer class filled with very young children.
Where does Tom get his ideas for robbing and killing people? He gets them from the books he reads. One of those books is Don Quixote
If anyone reveals the secrets of the gang, the boy and his family must be killed. Whom does Huck offer as his family to be killed? Huck offers Miss Watson because he would rather give her up than anyone else.
Whose slave is Jim? Jim is Miss Watson’s slave.
Who are Joe Harper and Ben Rogers? Joe Harper and Ben Rogers are boys in Tom Sawyer’s gang
Why is Huck in a big hurry to give Judge Thatcher his money? He feels that if he gets rid of his six thousand dollars, Pap will leave him alone.
What does Judge Thatcher give Huck in exchange for the six thousand dollars? He gives him one dollar. In this way Huck has sold it rather than given it away
What does the duke do so that Jim does not need to be tied up in the wigwam all day? The duke paints his face and other parts of his body blue so he will look like a sick Arab rather than a runaway slave
What are the names of the three Wilks sisters? The three Wilks sisters are Mary Jane (19 years old), Susan (15), and Joanna (14).
Why do the women insult their own food? The women make degrading comments about their food so that they can elicit compliments from their guests.
How do the Wilks girls react when the slaves are sold? The girls’ hearts are broken to see them sold away from the town and separated from their families.
At the end of the novel, which character informs the others that Jim is actually a free man? Tom
Which of the following symbolizes bad luck to Huck and Jim? a shed snakeskin
How does Huck know that Pap has returned to St. Petersburg? He sees Pap’s boot print in the snow
What is Jim’s initial destination when he and Huck start downriver? The Ohio River
What is the name of the town where Huck, Jim, and Tom live at the novel’s opening? St. Petersburg
Why does Jim run away from Miss Watson’s? She is planning to sell him, which would separate him from his family
“Temperance” refers to the movement designed to abolish… Drinking alcohol
Which character gets shot in Jim’s final “escape”? Tom Sawyer
What kind of animal does Huck kill as part of the plot to fake his own death? A pig
What is Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Clemens
Where does Huck intend to go at the novel’s end? The West
When Huck dresses as a girl, what does he say his full name is? Sarah Mary Williams
When was Huckleberry Finn published? 1884
In the beginning of the book, why does Huck not turn Jim in? Huck felt sorry for Jim
Huck does not play any more trick on Jim after what incident? After he plays a trick in the fog
Who is the Widow Douglas? The women who adopts Huck.
Who is tom Sawyer? Huck’s very good friend
Who is Pap? Pap Finn is Huck’s dad. He is a drunkard
Who is Buck? Buck is a boy Huck’s age. He is a Gangerford.
Who do Jim and Huck rescue while on the raft? two men; the duke and the king, they are con artists.
What has everyone been thinking has happened to Huck? He was murdered.
What caused Jim and Huck to miss Cairo? Fog
What’s wrong with Jim’s daughter? She’s deaf

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