Huckleberry Finn- Study and Discussion Guide Answers

We can tell that Huck is not the most educated writer from the first line, “You don’t know about me”. Also, you may assume that he is a child from his short and stagnant syntax. .
A stretcher is an instance where the truth is exaggerated a bit.
Twain references Tom Sawyer to give context as to what has happened in the meantime, and remind the reader of Huck.
Tom didn’t like being civilized and he “lit out” and left. He didn’t enjoy being confined to the “dismal” house and living with the “regular and decent” widow.
The humor lies at “a lot of other names, too” because she probably called him cuss words because she thought he was a troubled youth.
Huck prefers the bad place because he wanted change. Also he didn’t really feel like going where Miss Watson would be going. Also, he reckoned that Tom Sawyer was going to the bad place and he wanted to go with him. He didn’t like a place with harps and walking around the whole time
He knew that what he did was a bad sign. He tried to ward away the bad luck. He is quite superstitious.
Tom and Huck hid outside and Jim was wondering what made the noise but he couldn’t see because they were hiding. Then Jim decides to wait until he hears the noise again, as he was sure he had heard something. After Jim had fallen asleep Tom had put Jim’s hat above him hanging on a branch. It made Jim think it was some sort of witchcraft.
Huck wanted to just go on leaving Jim unbothered because he might wake up.
It suggests that Huck may be a little less destructive and not as quick to break the rules while Tom is a hooligan and like to break the rules all the time. It sort of sets up the idea that Huck is Tom’s mentor as well as we have seen Huck really likes Tom Sawyer. Tom isn’t afraid of consequences as much.
Jim reacted to the trick by thinking it was a witch who had taken him all across the country and planted him back under the tree. All of the black folks wanted to hear his story and everytime he would stretch it farther until he had been dragged all around the world.
You would have to agree to kill, rob, and hold people ransom. As well as agree that if you broke the oath your whole family would be accountable meaning that the gang could kill your family if you messed up. Had to take a blood oath.
Tom is very stubborn and wants to do what all the books say. If anyone questions his methods he would say that they are going against the books. He is very confident in his methods.
Ben Rogers thinks it would be easier to just kill people on the spot instead of waiting for them to be ransomed.
Huck thinks of praying as “not working” because he wouldn’t always get what he wanted. For example, he asks for fishing line and only gets the line, but it is no good without the hooks and he can never get the hooks. He is very doubtful of it. Also, he is confused by the practice because Ms. Watson calls him a fool for praying for hooks but she will never tell him why. He thinks that if praying really does work people could just pray for money or materials. He thinks that, “there ain’t nothing in it”. He then is told that you can only pray for spiritual gifts. He couldn’t really grasp the whole concept so he just let it go.
Huck decides that there must be two Providences because the widow and Miss Watson explain “Providence” so differently that there must be more than one. Huck decides he wants to go to the widow’s version.
Huck doesn’t want to see him no more. Pap would usually beat Huck, and get drunk. Huck was shortly relieved when they said the authorities found him drowned, but back to being uncomfortable when it wasn’t actually him. Huck didn’t want him to turn up again.
Huck resigns from the gang because they hadn’t actually done anything, they had only just pretended to rob and kill people. He, “Couldn’t see no profit in it”.
Huck was very cynical of the “rubbing lamps” and their actual capabilities while Tom was a strong believer in the supernatural. Tom strongly believed that the A-rabs and camels and elephants were all really there (Huck couldn’t see them-under enchantment, invisible. After a while of talking (Huck and Tom) Tom settles that Huck doesn’t know anything because he doesn’t believe in the supernatural abilities of genies, rubbin lamps, and magicians.
Huck notices that his father is back in town by the footprint he sees in the shoe heels in the snow. He quickly runs to Judge Thatcher’s to give him the money for safe keeping, but to make it a legally binding transaction Huck must sell it to the Judge. He sells it because he is afraid that his father will take all the money and squander it on booze, as he is a drunk. He trusts the Judge wholeheartedly with the money and know he will keep it safe so his father won’t get it.
The hairball says the Huck’s pap doesn’t know what he will do yet, he may stay he may go. The hairball says there is two angels around pap, a good angel (white and a bad angel (black). It prophecizes that Huck should stay away from the water because that is where Huck will die. and a bad angel (black).
He used to tan Huck so much. Pap was fifty years old. Hair was long, tangles, greasy, black, no gray, hung down, and his eyes shined through. Had whiskers covering a pale, sickly, colorless, face. Wore rags for clothes, and had his toes sticking through his boots. He had a ratty old hat, with the lid caved in. Pap cannot read. Doesn’t appreciate education.
Pap is pretty realistic I guess. This is an opinion question and cannot be supported with text.
Pap doesn’t appreciate Huck going to school because he feels like huck is surpassing his mother and father. He is very cynical of school. He thinks he is all frilled and high up now that he can read and write. Pap thinks that Huck is disrespecting/dishonoring him by reading and living a nice lifestyle.
The new Judge finds out by taking him in for the night, allowing him a fine dinner and a nice room for the night only to find him the next morning drunk on the ground, with his arm broken in 2 places from rolling off the porch.
Huck went to school to spite pap, just because pap didn’t like him going to school.
He likes it because it was all “lazy and jolly” (except for the whippings . He didn’t have to go to school and he got to fish and smoke all day. He likes how there is no structure, and wonders how he ever liked living in the prison like system at the widows. He liked cursing, and his pap wouldn’t yell at him for it.
When pap is drunk he goes after the government. He cusses them out for trying to take a man’s son away. He says, “they call that govment?”. He is mad that the government helps judge thatcher keep pap away from his property. He says it is the governments fault he has to be in the small cabin. He says he may leave the country. He is mad that a black person has the nicest clothes in some town in Ohio. He thinks it is unruly that blacks could vote in some parts of the country, that they were educated at all. He boycotts voting because blacks can vote.
Pap is acting so weird because he is drunk, he had a hallucination about a snake and the devil. Alcohol is bad. Twain plays on the vices of society.
Huck kills the pig to use its blood and flesh to trick pap into thinking Huck had been killed. He tops off the job with bits of his hair on the ax.
Tom has a flair for dramatics, and Huck’s plan is intelligent, and well thought out.
He sets out on the river in fear of his father, and dislike for civilized people such as the widow and Miss Watson. He felt satisfied on the river as he drifted along smoking his pipe gazing at the stars. He enjoys watching people search for his own dead body examining his handy work.
Jacksons Island.
Chapter VIII
“They was firing cannon over the water, trying to make my carcass come to the top”
“Because they always go right to the drowned carcass and stop there”. The “quicksilver” is slang for mercury and they know that would be attracted to the carcass. Huck would try to catch a piece of bread, take out the mercury and eat it for breakfast.
Jim thinks he is a ghost and that Huck may hurt him.
Jim was annoyed at Miss Watson nagging him all the time, which is understandable for Huck. Jim thinks he may have been sold to New Orleans because he saw a slave trader around there, and overheard Miss Watson saying she will sell Jim to NO. Miss Watson couldn’t resist the money she would get from selling him. Once Jim heard that he booked it.
This chapter is called that because Huck will not turn in Jim because he promised he wouldn’t. “Honest Injun”
Yes. Huck is a bit less superstitious than Jim. Huck can be more cynical.
The chapter suggests that civilization naturally predicts and produces outcasts.
Huck is happy to have to have a companion.
Chapter 9
The house is floating down the river because it has been washed out by the storm which raised the river considerably
They find a dead man who has been shot in the back and left naked. They also find a bunch of useful stuff which they pile in their canoe.
Chapter 10
Huck found a rattlesnake in the cave and killed it. He placed the snake at the foot of Jim’s bed to prank him. Later when Jim crawled into bed the dead snakes mate had joined the dead snake and bit Jim.
He told Huck to chop off the head, skin it, burn the skin, and Jim then ate the skin. He took the rattles from the snake and wore them around his wrist. He drank whiskey to numb the pain, and stayed in bed for four days and nights.
Huck reacts by making up his mind to never take a hold of a snake skin again. This shows that he has some superstition with him and feels remorse
Huck dresses as a girl to go over to town and see what is going on as he is getting bored from the same routine. He doesn’t want to be questioned so he will disguise himself as a girl.
Chapter 10
That her name is Sarah Williams, she lives 7 miles down the river in Hookerville, she walked all the way there, she is not hungry because she ate 2 miles back at some farm, she is not afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to stay the night. Judith Loftus finds out that no one is sure who killed Huck but people suspect either pap or the runaway slave, Jim. There is a 300$ reward for Jim. 200$ for pap.
Huck says not to make fun of an early girl then finally comes up with a story supposedly telling the true story to Judith Loftus. In which Huck was an orphan who had to live with a mean country farmer and ran away from the cruelty to his uncles house in Goshen. He actually went to St. Petersburg because of the directions of a misleading drunk.
He is very good at throwing. He claps his legs together to catch something rather than spread them to catch with a skirt. He is not good at threading the needle. He wears calico, which a woman would probably never wear.
Jim and Huck leave Jackson Island because Huck now knows that the townspeople are searching the island for Jim.
There is a reward out for Jim and the men, including her husband, are going to look for him on the island.
He is George Peters, who ran away from a farm where he was mistreated and he was looking to find his uncle.
He catches the something in his lap by clamping his legs together instead of spreading them apart. He is good at throwing. He cannot thread a needle. He forgets his girl name.
Because there are people looking for them now.
Huck and Jim try to cover up the raft with branches and float steadily down it so they seem incognito. They watch big boats go by as they are undetected. They talk about getting away from the island and guessing what the men looking for them were doing. The raft is made from driftwood timbers and covered with cottonwood thicket. Jim added a wigwam type shelter above on the raft to protect from the elements. They raised the wigwam about a foot to protect from wakes, and so they could build a fire. They built an extra steering oar. Had a lantern so they wouldn’t get run over by downstream river boats. Current brings the. Pretty fast down the river.
Catching fish, stealing, buying, and hunting
They feel comfortable borrowing things because pap always taught huck it was ok and they were gonna eventually pay them back.
Huck wants to land on the Walter Scott because it is an adventure, he is a boy, Tom Sawyer would have done it, there may be loot on it for them to “borrow”. He assumes that the captain has some sweet stuff to take.
They are robbers
They decide to leave him on the ship and let him die with the ship
The raft broke away from its tether and is gone.
He feels bad and wants to assist them somehow.
Widow is concerned for their deaths while Huck is actually worried about their wellbeing.
Tells someone that his family was on the boat.
They all die except for the one tied up. Ironic.
Jim doesn’t want more adventures because he doesn’t want to die, or get caught as he almost did with the whole Walter Scott incident.
He thinks that it’s foolish that any man would try to cut a baby in half
Jim is extremely opinionated and stubborn, and won’t listen to Huck’s opinion.
Yes, but mostly through Huck. Twain relates kings to police, expressing corruption in the system. Shows American isolationism by not adapting to non English speakers.
They plan to sell the raft, get on a steamboat and go up the ohio to the free states where they would Be out of trouble
Huck felt extremely scared all alone In the fog and feels extremely lonesome.
Jim is hurt because in his “dream” he had felt so strongly sad that Huck had been lost and was crying for him so it doesn’t feel right that Huck is back now
Hucks response is significant because he humbled himself to a black person which his highly uncommon and hard for Huck to do. It is such a role reversals of Huck kissing the feet of a ******
Huck is nervous about approaching Cairo because he feels he may not be Able to tell when they have hit it.
Huck thinks of conscience as what society decides is right or wrong, not the moral side to it.
Huck feels bad that he is helping Jim escape because society reminds Huck that it it wrong to free black people and he is taking away the widows ****** for no good reason. Huck, though, feels that he should help Jim. He is very confused between right or wrong.
He tells his conscience he will turn Jim in first chance he gets.
He says that his pap is in the raft and has a very contagious disease, smallpox.
He will decide by seeing which comes easier and more conveniently.
They had to change their plans because they had passed cairo, so they would have to go upstream.
The raft was ran over by a steamboat and they had to jump into the water their separate ways.
He challenges buck to spell his name.
He thinks both are mighty fine.
It show that huck is insightful, observant, and humorous.
She was sick.
Someone had a lawsuit against the other and the person who won was shot by the other.
It is unknown who shot first.
Twain is vague about it to show that it is stupid. Making fun of it.
There is mutually assured destruction is no one is willing to hold back.
Because it is about brotherly love when both families were in the mass and wanted to kill each other. Families are holding guns during mass. y
He has found the raft, and salvaged most of the goods and put the raft together again. He has been in the swamp and talked with the other house ******s.
She ran off with Harney Shepherdson to go get married starting a big brawl.
Most all die
Huck chills in a tree watching the fighting and waits for it to be over then runs to the swamp to find jim and jump in the raft and float down the mississippi while everyone thought he was dead again.
He realizes how nice it is that he could escape his home life where he is contained, on the river he is free.
The Duke is a young man, around 30 years old dressed ornary. The dauphin is old, 70 ish. Both want to be waited on and treated royally. s
Because they were telling each other of their quests because they didn’t really know each other. It is all a con.
He doesn’t want any quarrels or troubles.
He says that Jim is actually his slave and he was with his father earlier but he died. Huck is bringing Jim to his uncles in Orleans.
They kind of take advantage of Huck and Jim by sleeping in their beds and stuff. They are not nice.
He pretends to be a pirate and says he is travelling to the Indian ocean as a missionary so he can get donations. He gives a whole sob story about how he got robbed and how his crew thinned out so he could get money. He collected $85 and a lot of praise from the people of pokeville.
They would pretend that they had captured Jim by tying him up with ropes and such. They create a fake print which matched Jim in the description. The duke and king are conmen, and drawn to money.
Their play; Romeo and Juliet.
Small “One Horse” friendly, old town
For his monthly drink, and to cause trouble.
That they were empty and would never amount to anything. He never really hurt anyone.
Colonel Shepburn killed him with 2 shots of his pistol as Boggs’s daughter came rushing over, flinging herself on him. He would not leave.
They all wanted to see what was going on and crowded the body. Then they were upset and wanted to lynch the colonel for it. Mob mentality
Because there was no man leader. Only a half-a-man in Buck Harkness
He thinks that they are all cowards and use mob mentality to drive their empty threats.
He is right because they all scatter after his speech.
He lets Sherburn take over to show that he is a man? Huck cannot express sherburns’s point of view because he doesn’t have the wisdom to do so.
He likes the sight of the men and women and their costumes.
It is not successful, only 12 people show and most leave.
By saying that ladies and children are not admitted to make it exclusive.
In both events Huck has a different opinion from the crowd. The crowd foudn it very funny when the drunk in the curcus had a near death experience but huck was concerned for his safety.
They plan to tell everyone else how great the show was so they too can be fooled.
The crowd came in with stuff to throw at the Duke and King but they slipped out to the river with Huck and escaped the wrath of the angry audience.
They come to the conclusion that most kings are rapscallions. He shouldn’t know much history because he is young and uneducated. Kings are mighty ornery.
He didn’t think black people could mourn like white people.
That he is impatient, and also that he is very remorseful.
He was dressed up as a sick arab because if he looked like a black person, he would have to be tied up to avoid suspicion that he is a runaway.
he is talking about the lying that the Duke and King do to try and get someone elses inheritance.
The king had asked a lot of questions about them on the boat.
he means the way the king was kneeling over the dead body as if he was distraught
THey do it so the townsfolk will like them, and to prove their loyalty.
No not Mr. Robertson who thinks that the King is a fraud due to his unbelievable british accent. However, the townspeople do not like the skeptic and rally behind the cons.
he decides that he just can’t allow such low-down thievery to take place right under his nose. He can’t be apart of the king and the dukes mean scheme. Now huck will steal the money, hide it and escape later explaining the whole story to Mary Jane by mail.
To get the full $10,000 by selling off the property and running away but since the sale is fraud the nieces would get to keep their stuff and stiff the buyers.
He hides the gold in peters coffin.
The undertaker was extremely stealthy, sneaky, quiet, scary, and doesn’t smile. Creepy.
That means that a lot of people die. It is ironic because there are a lot of funerals
Very badly because now he has lost the gold, which he believes the slaves have which he has just sold off so he has no one to punish. Clever Huck.
Mary Jane feels sympathy for the slave families which were broken apart.
He is overcome by her misery and her beauty. Also Huck doesn’t want to trust someone else with the details
To see what is tattooed on Peter’s chest to confirm who is the real set of uncles.
He is upset that the king and the duke rejoined Huck and Jim. He just wants to be free from all this nonsense.
They are fighting because they both think each other the culprit responsible for hiding the gold in peter’s coffin.
They get back together by getting drunk and forgiving and forgetting in a haze of booze.
The King sells Jim for $40 so he can go to the bar and drink.
Huck doesn’t know what to do and finally decides to settle his conscience which had been eating him up and write to Miss Watson explaining where Jim is. He feels compelled by what society thinks of as “good”.
He tears up the letter because after thinking about it he realizes that he doesn’t want Jim to be sent back, and decides that he will go to hell.
This decision to try and free Jim is one that is much more serious, and not just rebelling against the orders of Miss Watson but against society, he is doing what is morally right so it is in a grey area between right and wrong.
He views Jim as a person and not a possession, breaking all social norms and standards. Huck is already a rebellious boy so it makes sense that he is just the boy to do this.
Here, Huck rejects the view of his conscience and social standards and instead relies on his moral compass to direct his decision. By tearing up the letter and saying he will go to hell he doesn’t care anymore and will go all out because he is not worried about going to hell anymore, it is settled. He will stop at nothing to free Jim.
The Duke was hanging up signs for another play when they met. He starts to feel bad that the King sold Jim, Huck’s slave and begins to tell him where he is then stops and misdirects him. Huck already knew where Jim was so he wasn’t fooled and continued to Silas Phelp’s to free jim.
Tom Sawyer
Because he knows Tom and is a good friend. He won’t forget it now, and knows alot about the sawyer family. He can easily talk about the relatives back home and such.
He thinks of Huck as such an upstanding gentlemen and won’t be low-down enough to help steal a ******.
Tom is ok with it because he likes a good adventure and will have fun with it. Also, Jim has already been freed by Miss Watson’s will.
William Thompson from Hicksville Ohio who was on his way to a house a few miles down the road.
Hey feels bad for them and remarks how mean people can be.
I think they do, no one deserves to die that way.
Huck is annoyed with his conscience because it always goes after home whether he dies right or wrong
I think it adds to the plot because it reminds people of Tom from his book and from the beginning of the novel where Tom and Huck were both blood brothers. Also, sometimes their morals collide They find that Jim is in the hut because watermelon was brought to the hut by one of the other slaves meaning it could not have been a dog.
There was watermelon brought to the hut where they presumed Jim to be staying. Also there was a lock meaning prisoner.
Huck just wants to free Jim by stealing the key in night and get on the raft and get out. Toms plan is to dig him out because it is more exciting. Tom thinks Huck’s plan is too simple.
Huck loves the fancy touches and knows that his plan is better. however the spontaneity of toms plans sometimes backfire as did when they went in to the hut with Jim in it who greeted them as if they knew each other, which is highly suspicious to the other slave who let them see him.
Toms plan will take about a weeks meaning that there is a higher chance of getting caught.
I do agree with these critics, but can understand how Tom can bring about the foolishness of Huck and Huck cannot even realize it himself.
The whole chapter is about Tom complicating the plan with many strange and unnecessary complications to a rescue that should be somewhat simple. It is evident that Tom really has not changed throughout the novel while Huck in some instances reasons and says instead of sawing off the leg of the bed, why not just lift up the bed. There is a little bit about stealing at the end and Toms take on Huck’s “borrowing”. Also, Tom is gaining power by convincing Huck, a matured young man, into believing that outrageous ideas are essential and normal.
Tom would say that the most important part is the flair and that you have to make it dangerous and complicated for it to be an adventure. He often ignores sensible options of Huck and always has no objections to his own.
Jim agrees to go along with it because Tom convinces him.
Nat had though he been bewitched because he saw all those dogs in the hut. He gets in a fit and faints.
The conversation is about all the little missing things around the house. The aunt and uncle do not know that Tom and Huck have been slyling taking them.
He steals them from the house.
The baking of the pie was a difficult and long job. They were getting burnt, and smoky eyes, and all around mayhem while baking. They only wanted crust so it was hard just to make crust. They pretended that they took nine months to make it. “Making them pens was a distressid tough job”
Tom and Huck couldn’t move the grindstone, so they called Jim out to come over and help bring the stone back to the hut. It is ironic because he was out of prison and could have easily escaped but instead returns to make things more complicated with his escape.
He believes that the rattlesnake is necessary so Jim can tame it and earn eternal glory. Also, rats are essential to the prison experience.
This chapter is satirical of other literature dramatizations, and romantical exaggerations, as well as Tom creating a model image for Jim which follows popular stigma.
Jim has to go through a lot of foolish childishness which he is forced into by a white boy, Tom. This is very cruel because Jim is actually free and Tom knows it.
Tom writes the anonymous letters primarily to make everyone that receives them a bit nervous and to cause all around trouble.
First letter sent to the house:”Beware. Trouble is brewing. Keep a close eye” The second letter gave the family an anonymous tip that someone was going to steal the slave. It tells them what to do so that the aunt and uncle will be close to the trouble but not able to catch them.
He finds about 15 farmers in the sitting room with guns probably going to look out for the ****** thief that is coming.
She thinks it is his brains trickling down his head. She was afraid he was really hurt and luck to find out it was just butter.
Tom gets shot in the calf.
Twain is expressing that Jim had the soul of a white man because he was so kind, loyal, couaprageous, and honest. Even though he was in the body of a black slave runaway.
The doctor didn’t think the canoe was big enough for both of them so he would go over by himself and cone back after the job was done. This is a problem because their stories may not be straight now.
He says that he has been hunting for they runaway ****** with Sid.
Hotchkiss theory is that Jim is crazy, judging from the grindstone and other such markings, and claims that there must have been help to do all the stuff like sawing the leg off of the bed.
Aunt Sally says he cannot go and instead sends uncle Silas to look for him but was unsuccessful. When he gets a chance later on in the night to go out for Tom, he notices aunt all grieved and he doesn’t want to grieve her no more. He doesn’t go for Aunt’s sake.
They do not hang Jim because the men say it would be wrong cus it was not their ******.
The doctor thinks that Jim is a good ***** because he helped him on the raft to fix up Tom. Jim have himself up from his hiding spot to help the doctor. The doc commends Jim for his faithfulness. “He ain’t no bad ***** gentlemen, that’s what I think about him”
Tom tells Aunt Sally that they (Huck and Tom set the ****** free.
Tom wanted the adventure of it.
Aunt Polly
The plan was for Huck, Jim, and Tom to drift down the river on the raft having great adventures and then tell Jim he was actually free. Then go back up on a steamboat and pay Jim for his lost time and then Jim would go North as a hero with all the other slaves singing and dancing for fun.
Huck finds out that the dead man floating down the river was actually Huck’s pap. So his pap was dead and the 6k dollars is all safe with judge thatcher.
Yea, he often pretended to be an orphan with the granger fords and the duke and king. He never really liked his father either.
The Indian territory to have adventures with Tom and Jim
Because he has been there before and he cannot stand it. He doesn’t like religion, praying, school, confinement, or dressing nice. He likes to smoke and the feeling of freedom that he often gets on the raft.

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