Huckleberry Finn – Racism quotes

“When they told me there was a State in this country where they’d let that n***** vote, I drawed out. I says I’ll never vote agin.”
“Well, it’s a blame ridicklous way, en I doan’ want to hear no mo’ ’bout it. Dey ain’ no sense in it.” “Looky here, Jim; does a cat talk like we do?”
“He had an uncommon level head for a n*****.”
“It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a n*****”
“She didn’t know HOW she was ever going to be happy there, knowing the mother and the children warn’t ever going to see each other no more”
“‘all right, then, I’ll go to hell’ – and tore it up.”
“Well, I RECKON! There’s two hunderd dollars reward on him. It’s like picking up money out’n the road.”
Turn him loose! He ain’t no slave; he’s as free as any cretur that walks this earth!”
“N*****s would come miles to hear Jim tell about it, and he was more looked up to than any n***** in the country.”
“de on’y white genlman dat ever kep’ his promise to ole Jim.”
“Well, I b’lieve you, Huck. I-I RUN OFF.” “Jim!”
“Everybody naturally despises an ungrateful n*****.”

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