Huckleberry Finn questions Review for Chapters 1-25

With whom does Huck live? Miss Watson and Widow Douglass.
Does he like living there? He doesn’t like dressing up & going to school & church but he grows to like Miss. Watson and Widow Douglass.
Where are Huck and Tom going? Cave.
What is Jim’s position in the household? slave
What does Huck think is the reason for prayer? To get what you want.
When a dead body is found in the river, who do people think it is? Pap
How does Huck feel about his father, Pap? He hates him and is scared of him.
How does Huck decide to protect himself from Pap’s greed? gives money to Judge Thatcher.
What is Huck’s fortune? Going to be hung, stay away from water, going to get married twice.
Why does Pap want Huck’s money? to buy whiskey
What does the new judge think of Pap’s wish to have custody of Huck? Doesn’t want to separate families at first.
How persistent is the new judge in trying to reform Pap? not very
How does Huck begin to prepare for his escape? He saws a hole in the bottom of the log cabin so he can get out.
What are Pap’s views on blacks and mixed- race people? They should not be able to vote.
When Pap threatens Huck with a knife, what does Huck do? He gets the gun.
What does Huck find that makes his escape possible? A canoe floating down the river.
How does Huck conceal himself on the river? He lays down.
Where does Huck go when he escapes? Jackson’s Island.
Does Huck miss living back in civilization? no
Who is on the island? Why? Jim, he ran away because Miss Watson was going to sell him for $800.
Where on the island do Huck and Jim make their permanent camp? The cavern.
Whose face is ”ghastly”? Does Huck look? the deadman. No
What happens to Jim, and how does Huck help him? Jim gets bit & Huck helps him & gets him drunk.
What does Huck do to keep his identity a secret? Dresses like a girl
Huck starts talking with a woman on shore. What two pieces of gossip does she share with Huck? Jim kills Huck because he ran away or Pap killed him for the money.
What does Huck tell Jim they must do? They have to leave Jackson’s Island.
What are Huck and Jim traveling on? Travel on the raft but still have the canoe.
Why don’t the two robbers just murder their partner who has double- crossed them? It’s bad morals to just kill someone so they are just going to drown him.
What is Huck’s plan for getting off the wreck? Steal the robbers boat.
Was Huck able to save the robbers? No, we tried to get the steamboat ferry to save them but it was to late and they all drowned.
Jim is traveling south on the Mississippi River. How does he plan to get north to the free states? The Ohio River.
What happens when the fog comes rolling in one night? Jim and Huck get split up.
What does Huck feel guilty about and why? Jim’s escape because he felt like he betrayed Miss Watson.
Why does Huck decide to ignore what’s moral and just do what is handiest? When Jim told him that he was his only friend.
How do Huck and Jim get separated? the fog
What kind of house does Col. Grangerford live in? A nice wealthy looking house; big & fancy.
Who was Emmeline, and what was she well-known for? Emmeline was the deceased daughter of the Grangerford’s & was well known for the funny sentimental artwork & poems she created about people who died.
What caused the feud between the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons? No one really knows; probably land.
How does Huck find Jim again? When the Grangerford’s slave valet takes him to the swamp to see water moccasins Jim is there.
Do Jim and Huck believe the two men they meet? Yes at first but then Huck doesn’t.
What does Huck call the men since they never give their real names? “Duke” & “King”
How do the duke and the king treat Jim and Huck? Like they are their servants.
The duke prints slips offering a reward for Jim. Why does he do this? So anyone who sees them during the day will think, Huck found him and is turning him in; can travel during the day.
Where does Jim have to stay? The wigwam
Why did Mr.Sherburn shoot the man? The man was drunk and insulted him.
How do the townspeople react to the shooting? They gather around to watch and they go off to lynch Sherburn.
How does Sherburn avoid being lynched? He stands on his roof with a rifle and makes speech to talk himself out of it.
How many people came to see the duke and the king perform Shakespeare? Only 12
How does Huck explain the duke and king’s lack of morals to Jim? Huck explains that history shows nobles to be rapscallions who constantly lie, steal, and decapitate.
What does Huck think of Jim’s feelings for his family? He doesn’t think it’s natural but he can tell he loves them.
At the next town Jim doesn’t want to stay tied up in the boat. What do they do? They paint him blue, and dressed as a sick Arab.
Who is Peter Wilks? A rich man who died.
Does anyone realize that the duke and the king are frauds? Yes, the doctor.
What do the duke and the king do in order to make themselves seem more like the heirs? They talk in the accent, and try to be friendly and noble.

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