Huckleberry Finn

What do we know about Huck from the way he talks? He is young and uneducated
What is a “stretcher”? Someone who tell white lies or stretches the truth.
Why does Mark Twain begin Huck Finn with a reference to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? Because he uses some of the similar characters and to make more money off book sales
How does Huck feel about being civilized? He thought it was boring
“The widow cried over me, and called me a poor lost lamb, and she called me a lot of other names, too, but he never meant no harm by it.” Exactly where does the humor lie in this sentence? “She never meant no harm by it.”
Why does Huck prefer the “bad” place to the “good” place? He wants to see something new
What does Huck’s reaction to the burning of the spider show us about him? He is superstitious
What trick does Tom play on Jim? He takes the hat off of his head and hangs it on the branch above him.
How does Huck feel about this? He thinks it is unnecessary and risky.
What difference between the two boys does suggest? Tom has less regard for consequences and risk taking compared to Huck
How does Jim react to the trick? He think that witches took him travelling and he becomes stuck up and exaggerates the story even more every time he tells it
If you were going to join Tom Sawyer’s gang, what would you have to agree to do? Take the oath and sign your name in blood.
What do we learn about Tom as the head of the gang? He is very daring and Huck aspires to be that way.
How does Ben Rogers react to the ransoming idea? He is skeptical, he cries and then is made fun of.
What does Huck think about praying? He thinks that you get physical answers and gifts from praying and doesn’t understand its purpose. He thinks it is useless.
Why does Huck decide there must be two Providences? Because the widow and ms. watson tell him two different versions of it.
What does Huck think of Pap? He thinks that he is mean and doesn’t miss him. He is scared for him to come back.
Why does Huck resign from the gang? They all end up resigning because they never kill or rob anyone.
Huck and Tom have very different out-look on “A-rab” and on “rubbing lamps” etc. What does this show about them? That they are both independent thinkers and are capable of coming to their own conclusions on things.
Why does Huck “sell” his fortune to Judge Thatcher? So his father can’t take it and buy booze with it.
What does the “hair-ball” tell Jim about Huck’s future? The future is uncertain, but he has 2 paths he can take. This is an example of Foreshadowing
Describe Pap. He looks old and sick. He is poor, mean, and proud. He wants what is best for him rather than Huck.
Is Pap realistic? (believable) Yes and no. Situation is stretched. (sattire)
How does Pap feel about Huck going to school? Put out. He wants him to stop going immediately because he does not want Huck to be smarter than him.
How does the new judge find out how Pap really is? Pap cannot stay sober for one night and sells their furniture for alcohol and breaks his arm.
Why is Huck going to school now? In spite of his dad.
Why does Huck at first enjoy living with pap? He has no responsibilities, he can smoke, and he doesn’t have to go to school.
How does Pap feel about the “government” and “educated n*****s”? He hates them and wants to get rid of education and government because he was never educated.
Account for Pap’s unusual behavior He got drunk and started seeing things. (hallucinating)
Why does Huck kill the pig? To make it look like he had been killed.
As Huck prepares to escape, he wishes Tom Sawyer were there. “I knowed he would take an interest in this kind of business, and throw in fancy touches.” How are Huck’ preparation different from those that Tom would make? Tom would have been more elaborate and creative. He would be more detail oriented and have more fun with it.
Describe Huck’s emotions when he first sets out on the river. Excited and scared.
Where is he headed? He is headed to Jackson Island (2.5 mi away)
Why are people firing a cannon over the water? To try and find Huck’s body and make it so they can see it.
What is the reason for floating bread down the river? It was thought that the bread would lead you to the corpse and would sit above the body.
Why does Huck scare Jim? He is excited to see him and Jim thinks he is a ghost. A mere miscommunication.
Why has Jim run away? Ms. Watson was making a deal to sell Jim
Why is the chapter entitled, “I Spare Miss Watson’s Jim”? Because Huck is white and could have told on Jim, but he didn’t
Is there any difference between the superstition of Huck and the superstition of Jim? Jim knows about a lot more and he believes them.
The functions of chapter 8 are to bring Huck and Jim together as twin protagonists representing escape, to add color of time and place through language and description of customs, and to establish the character of Jim. What does the chapter suggest about civilization? Civilization can only happen when not on land. The river is carefree
At this point, how would you describe Huck’s attitude toward Jim? Friendly 🙂
Why is there a house floating down the river? It is a boat
What do Huck and Jim find in the house? A dead guy
How does the snake come to be in Jim’s blanket? Huck put a dead one in there and its mate came.
What does Jim do for the snakebites? Eats part of the snake and uses the rattles for a bracelet.
What does Huck’s reaction show about him? He is very compassionate and tries to do the right things.
Why does Huck dress up like a girl? To disguise himself so he can go into a town.
What information does Huck get from Mrs. Judith Loftus? There is a reward out for Jim and her husband is going out to look for him at midnight.
What story does Huck tell Mrs. Loftus when she sees through his disguise? Calls himself George Peters, son of a mean farmer, runaway
What three things does Huck do give away that he is boy? He forgets his girl name, uses a needle and thread wrong, almost hits the rat the first time, and the caught the lead between his legs.
Why do Huck and Jim leave Jackson’s Island? People are after them.
Describe the raft and the life Huck and Jim lead when alone on it. Basically logs tied together and life is carefree and relaxed
How do Huck and Jim get food? They buy, steal and hunt for food
Why are Huck and Jim able to feel comfortable about borrowing things? Pap said it’s ok as long as you return it and you are just “borrowing it”
Why does Huck insist on boarding the Walter Scott? They want to steal from the captain
Who are Bill, Jake, and Turner? Robbers
What do Bill and Jake decide to do with Turner? Leave him tied up and if the boat sinks, he drowns
What terrible discovery does Jim make at the end of the chapter? Their raft broke loose and is gone
Huck and Jim escape from the Walter Scott in the lifeboat, leaving the murderers trapped on the wreck. How does Huck feel about leaving them? He feels bad for them and wants to help them.
How does his concern differ from the widows? He is concerned for their well-being. She would be concerned with their deaths
How does Huck try to help the murderers? Tells a watchman that his family is on the Walter Scott
What happens to the murderers? They all die except for the one that was tied up.
Why does Jim decide that he doesn’t want any more adventures? The adventures could end up in his death or capture.
Why does Jim “take no stock in . . . Sollermun bein de wises’ man dat ever live”? He thinks that it’s foolish that any man would try to cut a baby in half
Why does Huck decide that it is useless to argue with him? Jim is very stubborn and won’t be able to understand Huck’s opinion.
Is Mark Twain expressing opinions through Jim or Huck? Both, but mainly through Huck
What do Huck and Jim plan to do when they reach Cairo? They were gonna get on a steam boat and go to Illinois. Settle in Ohio.
In the filmstrips, the comment was made that “Huck does know how to tell us things.” Describe how Huck felt when he was alone in the fog? Upset, frightened, not able to find his way
Huck tells Jim that separation in the fog was a dream. Why is Jim so hurt by Huck’s trick? He thought it really happened
Why is Huck’s response to Him’s rebuke significant? It shows that Huck treats Jim like a human and vows that he’ll never play a trick on him again.
Why is Huck so uneasy about approaching Cairo? There aren’t many houses and they might not be able to see if they pass the town.
Explain what Huck calls a conscience. What society says is right
How does it conflict with helping Jim escape? Society says to turn him in, but Huck wants to help.
What decision does Huck make to quiet his conscience? He is secretly going to give Jim up.
How does Huck keep the men in the skiff from checking out the raft? He tells them that his parents are sick and he needs help getting to shore.
What decision does Huck make about doing right and wrong? He will do whichever when needed.
Why did Huck and Jim have to change their plans? The raft broke and they passed Cairo
How did Huck and Jim get separated? A steamboat hit the raft and knocked them overboard. Huck swam to shore and Jim followed, but when Jim heard the dogs, he stayed on shore while Huck went into the house.
How does huck solve the problem of forgetting his name? He plays a game with Buck “Bet you can’t spell my name”
What does Huck think of the Grangerfords? Of their home? He thinks the house is awesome and that they are kind of stupid for fighting.
Huck often make interesting observations. Hi comment on Emmeline Grangerford is, “I reckoned that with her disposition she was having a better time in the graveyard.” What does this show about Huck? That he is insightful and a people person.
Why had Emmeline died? She was sick. It is a satire of death.
What is the cause of the feud between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons? No ones knows for sure
Which side started the shooting? ain’t nobody know
Why is Twain so vague about it? He is poking fun at how dumb it is.
Buck tells Huck, “There ain’t a coward amongst them Shepherdsons — not a one. And there ain’t no cowards amongst the Grangerfords either.” What are the drawbacks to this sort of courage? No one will back the hell down
Why is the topic of the Sunday sermon “satiric”? The families hold guns during church while they listen to the sermon about brotherly love
What has happened to Jim since the last time Huck has seen him? The found the raft and fixed it! GO JIM!
What does Miss Sophie do? runs off with Harney Shepherdson. This is a parallel to Romeo and Juliet. HEEEY JULIIET.
What happens to the various Grangerfords. They die.
What does Huck do? He covers the dead faces and pulls them ashore and then continued on his journey
What cause Huck’s new appreciation of life on the raft? He realizes how lucky he is to have escaped his bad home life
Describe the Duke and the King. They are both ratty looking poor con men. They decide to team up and deceive Huck and Jim.
When the Duke and the King first got on the raft, why did they talk to each other and ignore Huck and Jim? Because they are con artists
Why does Huck pretend to believe them? He doesn’t want to cause a fight.
How does Huck explain Jim to the duke and the king? He makes up a story about being orphaned and how Jim is his father’s slave and he is returning him
How do the king and duke treat Huck and Jim? Poorly, they walk all over Huck and take their beds on the raft.
What does the king do at the camp-meeting? He pretends to be a pirate and says that he is taking donations so he can travel to the Indian Ocean as a missionary.
How does the duke arrange for them to travel in the daytime? This chapter paints a fuller picture of the two hitchhikers that Huck and Jim have taken aboard. You will remember that the Grangerfords were first characterized through their possessions. How are these two men drawn. He creates a reward print so they can tie Jim up and say they caught a runaway slave. They are drawn towards money. “IT AIN’T ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY MONEY”
What are the king and the duke getting ready for? Performing scenes from Shakespeare and making some mula.
What kind of town is Bricksville? Small, unupdated, trashy, everyone is friendly
Why had Boggs come to town? To cause trouble.
What did the “loafers” think of Bogg’s threats? They did not take him seriously
Describe the murder of Boggs. He was told to get out and did not leave so the Colonel shot him.
How did the townspeople react to the murder? Upset, tried to lynch the Colonel for it.
Why did the “Lynching Bee” fail? Sherburn had a rifle and made a speech that made everyone go home.
What does Sherburn think of the men in the mob? They are all cowards.
Is he right? Yes, they run away when they are scared. Damn you cowards.
Sherburn’s speech is the only place in the novel where the point of view shifts for any length of time. Why, at this point, does Twain let Sherburn take over? It is showing a different point of view in which Huck cannot express.
Why does Huck enjoy the circus so much? It is new and exciting
How successful is the Shakespearean Revival? Not very successful at all.
How does the duke plan to get an audience for the low-comedy presentation? He makes a new act and puts on the sign that no women and children are allowed.
Compare the incident at the circus with the shooting of Boggs. In what ways are the situations similar? How does Huck’s response differ from the crowd’s in both instances? It was very unexpected. Huck has a different opinion than what the crowd thinks.
Why doesn’t the audience “take care of” the king and the duke after the first performance? They did not want to be embarrassed. Decided the rib everyone else off too
What happens on the third night? Everyone came back and booed them
Discuss Huck and Jim’s comments on royalty in this chapter. Is it believable for Huck to know so much history. No because he is so young and uneducated.
Why is Huck so amazed at Jim’s mourning his home and his family? He did not think that black people could mourn like white people could
What does the story of Lizabeth show about Jim? It shows that Jim does not know about his family because he has been seperated for so long and show that he is short tempered.
Why is Jim dressed up like a sick Arab? So he won’t have to be tied up the entire time.
Huck’s last statement in this chapter is, “It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race.” What is Huck talking about? He is ashamed of the lying
How does Twain make it believable for the two rogues to impersonate the Wilks brothers? The kings asks so many questions on the boat so he knows all about them.
Huck describes the tearful scene at the Wilkses as the most disgusting thing he has ever seen. Does he mean only the king’s performance? The king and the essence of what the king is doing
Why does the King give money to Mary Jane? Prove his loyalty
Have the “rapscallions” hood-winked erryone? YEs except the doctor
What decision does Huck make? He will steal the money and return it to Mary Jane
What are the plans for the king and the duke? They will steal all of the family’s property and then leave
Where did Huck hide the gold? In Peter’s coffin
Describe the undertaker? He is sly and super creepy.
Where is the humor in Huck’s observation, “There warn’t no popular man in town than what that undertaker was”? It is ironic, he only comes around when there is a funeral
How are the king’s plans progressing? They are not going as planned
Why do the men decide to dig up the corpse? To see if peter has a tattoo or not to show who is the real brother.
Huck concludes the chapter by saying, “So I wilted right down onto the planks then, and give up; and it was all I could do to keep from crying.” What’s bothering Huck? He heard the King and duke are rowing towards them
Why are the king and duke fighting? They think the other person hid the gold
Why do they get back together? they are compromising
What do the king and duke do to Jim? They sell him
Why does Huck write to Miss Watson? To tell her where Jim is.
Why does he tear up the letter? He decided that he will steal Jim
Huck has rebelled against civilization before. At Miss Watson’s he smokes, played hookey, and left his room nights to sleep in the woods. What is different about this decision? It is more serious and morally right
Tearing up the letter to Miss Watson has been described as one of the great moments in American History. A Southern boy breaks free of the social convention that surrounds him and risks his soul to free a Negro slave. Why is Huck just the boy to tear up that letter? It is powerful to have a change of heart.
Discuss the implications of Huck’s conclusion, “All right then, I’ll go to hell.” People who go against what is socially correct go to hell and he is fine with that
Huck again encounters the duke. What happens? The Duke starts to tell the truth, but decides in the end to tell a lie.
What is Huck’s new name? Tom Sawyer
Why is that convenient for Huck? He knows a lot about the Sawyer family.
Why is Huck surprised at Tom’s willingness to rescue Jim? Tom has always been a “good boy”
Why is Tom willing to do it? He is up for the adventure
What new identity does Tom assume? Syd Sawyer
How does Huck feel when he sees the king and duke tarred and feathered? He feels pity for them
Do they deserve his pity? NO
Why is Huck so annoyed with his conscience? It is confusing and unclear.
Does the fact that both Tom and Huck are on the plantation add to or detract from the plot? Detract because they are stuck in the South and the plans are stopped
How did Tom figure out where Jim was? They figured out that a human was imprisoned because a slave had been delivering a watermelon to a shack.
Compare Huck’s plans for freeing Jim to Tom’s. Tom’s are fancier and have more excitement
What does Huck think of Tom’s fancy touches? They make the plan better
What are the dangers of Tom’s approach? It can get all of them killed
Some critics think that Jim’s rescue is an inappropriate ending to the novel. They wonder how Huck, with his new maturity, can consent to Tom’s foolish scheme. Do you agree with these critics? Why or why not? Yes, because the escape plan is over the top and Huck would never do it that way on his own.
What is the whole chapter, “Dark, Deep-laid Plans” about? Tom gaining power by persuading Huck and telling him the outrageous ideas are normal
Huck says, “When I start to steal a n*****, or a watermelon, or a Sunday-school book, I ain’t no ways particular how it’s done so it’s done.” How would Tom fee about this statement? He has his plans in a particular way and feels they should follow them
Why does Jim agree to go along with everything? They’re white so they must be right and he wants to be free
What’s Nat’s problem? He thinks there are witches
What is the topic of conversation at the breakfast table? The family is noticing the missing items
How does Tom manage to ge the things he needs for escape? He steals them from the family
Describe the baking of the witch pie. It was a trying task
What is the irony involved in the fetching of the grindstone? Jim had to help and didn’t get away when he could have
Why does Tom try to talk Jim into keeping a pet rattlesnake? Rats? he thinks a prisoner has to have some sort of pet.
What purpose does this chapter serve? Shows us Tom’s character and Jim’s ironic situation
Describe Jim’s ordeal he needs to leave but has to go along with the kids because he needs them
Why does Tom write anonymous letters? To make everyone who receives them nervous
What does he say in them? Beware, danger is coming
What does Huck find when he goes into the setting-room? A crowd of farmers with guns
When the butter melts down Huck’s face, what does Aunt Sally think it is? His brain
What one thing really goes wrong in the escape? Tom makes a noise getting caught on the fence and attracts the attention of the men getting JIm shot in the leg.
Why Huck says, “I knowed he was white inside, and I reckoned he’d say what he did say.” What is he talking about? Talking about JIm after he says something smart
Why doesn’t Huck go with the doctor? The doctor says the canoe is not safe for 2
How does he explain his absence to Uncle Silas? He said they were looking for the runaway slave
What is Old Mrs. Hotchkiss’ theory? Jim is completely crazy
Why doesn’t Huck go check on Tom that night? He doesn’t want to worry Aunt Sally anymore
Why don’t they hang Jim? Jim isn’t their slave
What does the doctor think of Jim He is impressed that Jim never fled, but helped
What does Tom tell Aunt Sally? They were the ones who set Jim free
Why had Tom worked so hard to set Jim free when he was already free? He wanted some adventure
Who arrives on the scene to really straighten things out? Aunt Polly
What were Tom’s plans concerning Jim after he was free? He is going to have a marching band welcome for him
What does Huck find out about his father? He was the dead man floating in the house
Does it seem right that Huck has been an orphan all along? Makes sense because Jim became his father
Where is Huck bound for at the end of the novel? West
Why does Huck reject civilization? Because he has dealt with it before and does not do well with it.

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