Huck Finn Timeline

Tom is living with the widow and Miss. Watson 1
Pranks Jim 2
Joins the gang with Tom Sawyer in their made up game 3
Huck gives his money to Judge Thatcher because he saw Pap’s footprint and knew he would take the money 4
Pap comes back and is kidnapped by Pap 5
Judge Tries to reform Pap 6
Pap & his horrid behavior– talks about having good behavior and racism when he is racist 7
Huck fakes his murder and runs away from pap on a canoe 8
Huck finds Jim and they run away together 9
Huck goes to a nearby town dressed as a girl with the name Ludith Loftus and finds out people are coming to hunt for Jim 10
Huck and Jim catch two men going to commit murder on a crashed ship 11
Huck goes out of his way to let them get caught 12
Talk about if Solomon was wise 13
Huck goes down the river after one of the boats and get lost and Jim is whooping to him to help get him back 14
Huck pranks Jim by telling him it was all a dream and Jim gets upset 15
Huck realizes he’s helping a runaway slave and debates whether to turn him in or not 16
Runs into two guys and ends up lying and covering for Jim and getting $40 17
A steamboat crashes into one of their boats and Huck can’t find Jim and then is taken into the Grangerford family 18
There’s a feud between the Granger’s and the Sheperdson families and they go to battle after a Granger girl and Sheperdson boy runaway to get married together 19
Huck finds Jim and they’re going to leave when they meet the Duke and the King and they come along 20
They stop in Arkansas for the Duke and King to perform and con money 21
Colonel Sherburn and Boggs get in an arugment because Sherburn is fed up and Sherburn shoots Boggs and kills him 22
The towns people go to get Sherburn to hang him and he lectures them about being cowards 23
King and Duke put on a show where the king goes out naked and dances for a few seconds and then the show is over 24
Keep going to different towns and conning people of their money with shows 25
Find out about the guy that died and had a lot of riches for his brother, so they go there and the King and Duke pretend to be the Uncle for the money 26
Huck thinks it’s wrong and hides the money in the dead guy’s grave so the King and Duke can’t have it 27
Tells Mary Jane and she goes to a friends so she doesn’t give it away that she knows 28
The King and Duke are discovered as fraud because they got the tattoo wrong 29
They are all captured 30
Huck gets away and gets Jim and they’re going to escape when the King and Duke show up having escaped too 31
They start strangling Huck but then stop 32
They stop at another town to con more people 33
The Duke sells Jim for money 34
Duke and King get caught for fraud and killed 35
Huck goes to save Jim from the Phelp’s and acts as Tom Sawyer 36
Tom Sawyer shows up and acts as his brother Jimmy 37
Tom and Huck create a plan to rescue Jim 38
Almost works, Tom gets shot in the leg 39
Tom goes and gets doctor 40
Tom returns to house because he can’t find Tom 41
You know the rest 42

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