Huck Finn study guide

1. With whom was Huck living at the beginning of the book? -The Widow Douglas
2. Who is the narrator of the book? Huckleberry Finn
3. What relation is Miss Watson to the Widow Douglas? Sister
4. Who takes care of Huck and Tom’s money? Judge Thatcher.
5. Who was waiting for Huck Finn after midnight? Tom Sawyer
6. To whom did Jim belong? Miss Watson
7. Who did Jim say gave him the ‘five-center piece’ he wore around his neck? -The devil
8. Who, among the robbers was called a cry-baby? Little Tommy Barnes
9. What were the two main purposes of the gang? -Nothing, only robbery and murder
10. Who was elected Second Captain over ‘Tom Sawyer’s Gang?’ -Jo Harper
11. Why did Huck get a good ‘going-over by the Widow?’ – Because his new clothes were dirty
12. How did Huck know that his ‘Pap’ wasn’t drowned? -Because drowned men don’t float face down, only drowned women do
13. Where did Jim get his hairball? -From the fourth stomach of an ox
14. What made Huck suspect Pap was back?- He found his tracks in the snow
15. Who is Pap? -Huck’s father
16. What did Pap trade his new coat for? -A jug of forty-rod whiskey
17. What did the judge reckon a body would need to reform Pap?- A shotgun
18. What did Pap get every time he got money?- Drunk
19. What object did Huck use to escape the cabin? -An old saw without a handle
20. Why does Pap not vote?- He can’t support country where’d they let a free black man vote.
21. For what did Huck dive in the water?- A canoe
22. What was Huck’s destination once he was in the canoe?- Jackson Island
23. Why was the ferry-boat firing the cannon? -To make the body rise to the top.
24. How long is Jackson Island?- 3 miles
25. What did Huck find on Jackson Island that made his “heart jump up amongst his lungs?”- Ashes of a campfire that was still smoking
26. Why was Jim afraid of Huck?- He thought he was dead(a ghost).
27. Why didn’t Huck believe that bees didn’t sting idiots?- They’d never stung him.
28. How wide was the island? -1/4 mile
29. What did Jim say that the little birds said?- It was going to rain
30. Were they right? – Yes
31. How did the man in the house die?- Shot in the back
32. What did Huck and Jim find sewed up in the lining of an old blanket overcoat? – 8 silver dollars
33. After Jim got bit by the rattlesnake, what did he have Huck do with the rattles? – Tie them to his wrist
34. Why does Huck think that Jim got bit by the snake? – Huck touched a snake-skin/ Huck put a dead snake in Jim’s sleeping bag
35. What two objects did they find in the stomach of the catfish?- Brass button, round ball (spool)
36. Who is Sarah Williams? – Huck Finn
37. Where is Sarah from? – Hookersville
38. What three ways did Mrs. Loftus ascertain Sarah’s true gender?- the way she threaded the needle The way she caught the lead lump in his lapThe way she threw the lead lump
39. What is a tow-head? – A sand bar that has cottonwoods as thick as harrow-teeth.
40. What two items did Huck and Jim decide to NOT “borrow?” – Crabapples and persimmons
41. According to Huck Finn, how much do steamboat captains make per month? – $60
42. What’s the name of the wreck? -Walter Scott
43. According to Huck Finn, how many wives did Solomon have? – 1 million
44. How many boxes of cigars did Huck and Jim get from the ferry-boat? -3
45. How did Louis the XVI die? -Decapitation
46. Where did Huck lose the raft? -In the fog
47. What town were Huck and Jim looking for?- Cairo
48. Why was Huck miserable? -He thought he should turn Jim in for being a runaway slave
49. How did the raft get destroyed?- Hit by a ferry-boat
50. What was Huck’s pseudonym? – George Jackson
51. How did Huck find out his pseudonym after he’d forgotten it? – Buck spelled it for him
52. How did Stephen Dowling Bots Die?- Fell down a well and drowned
53. Who was Col. Grangerfords oldest son? -Bob
54. At what time was Miss Sophia supposed to have her rendezvous?- Half-past two
55. With whom did Sophia Grangerford run off with?- Harney Shepherdson
56. The two men said that they were really- The duke of Bridgewater Dauphin, the king of France
57. How much did the King make at the camp meeting?- 87.75
58. What play are the duke and the king rehearsing? – Romeo and Juliet
59. What is the “most celebrated thing in Shakespeare”? – Hamlet’s Soliloquy
60. Who Killed Boggs? – Colonel Sherburn
61. Colonel Sherburn isays that the average man is a ____________. – Coward
62. How much did “them rapscallions” take in in three nights? – $465.00
63. Why did Jim feel bad about hitting his daughter?- She was deef and dumb.
64. What was Peter Wilkes occupation while he was living?- Tanner
65. Who are Peter Wilkes’ three nieces? -Mary Jane Susan Joanna
66. Who was suspicious of huck at first? – Joanna
67. How much were the king and duke short of $6,000 in the basement? – $415.00
68. Who told the girls the King was a fraud? -The Doctor
69. Where did Huck hide to eavesdrop on the king and duke? -Behind the curtain
70. Where did the King put the money? -in the bedding
71. Where did Huck stick the money? -in the coffin with Uncle Peter
72. Why was the dog howling in the basement during the funeral? -He had a rat.
73. To where was Mary Jane going for 4 days? -Mr. Lothrop’s
74. In what town did the duke and the king play the “Royal nonesuch”? – Bricksville
75. Who was the man with the broken arm? -William Wilkes
76. What did the king say was tattooed on Peter Wilkes breast? -A thin blue arrow
77. What did Harvey Wilkes say was tattooed on his brothers breast? – P-B-W
78. At whose house was Jim when Huck came back to the raft? – Silas Phelps’s
79. How much did the king get for Jim? -$40
80. How much was the initial reward for Jim? -$200
81. What is Silas’ wife’s name? – Sally
82. Who do Mr. and Mrs. Phelps think Huck is?- Tom Sawyer
83. Who was coming from town in a wagon? -Tom Sawyer
84. What did the stranger do to Aunt Sally that made her almost hit him? -He kissed her
85. What happened to the king and the duke? -They were tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail.
86. What two clues assured Tom and Huck that Jim was in the shed?- the watermelon the key
87. How many knives did Tom want Huck to “smouch”? -3
88. What kind of pie did Tom tell Nat to make? -Witch pie
89. How many tallow candles did tom steal? – 6
90. What does “Maggoire fretta, minore atto” mean? -The more haste, the less speed
91. What was Jim to get instead of a rattlesnake? – Garter snakes with buttons tied on their tails.
92. What did Tom and Huck see dripping from the rafters, landing on plates and down the back of your neck? -garter snakes
93. What did Tom and Huck do with the sawdust? -Ate it
94. What happened that alerted the farmers to Tom, Huck, and Jim’s presence? – Tom’s clothes got snagged and he snapped a splinter getting off.
95. Who went to get the doctor? -Huck
96. Why didn’t the dogs lead the farmers to Jim and the boys? -The dogs were theirs
97. How much did the doctor say a person like Jim was worth? -$1,000.00
98. How much money was waiting for Huck back home? – $6,000 and then some
99. When Huck goes back to the church to retrieve Sophia’s hymnal, he discovers… her bible with a note in it saying to meet at 230
100. When Huck forgets that he called himself George Jackson, he remembers it by having buck spell it for him
101. Colonel Sherburn is best known in the novel for…. shooting boggs and then calling everyone a coward
102. On the third night of the Nonesuch, the crowd brings…. dead cats and rotten tomatoes to throw at them
103. To where is Huck headed at the end of the novel? the west
104. Name three things that Twain is satirizing in the novel slavery, stupid people, Shakespeare, American aristocracy, romantic literature
105. Name three instance when Twain uses humor effectively. the story about Solomon, the french speaking people that confused Jim and when Huck dresses like a girl?
106. The escaped Jim first meets Huck on…… Jackson island
107. After the first show by the King and the Duke, the townspeople encourage everyone to go because…. they got swindled so they want everyone on an even playing field. they did not want to be the only ones swindled

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