Huck Finn review 15-20

Where were Huck and Jim headed and why? to Cairo, IllinoisThey planned to get on a steamboat there where the Ohio River came in and go up the river to the free states.
What happened to Huck and Jim while Huck was in the canoe and Jim on the raft? They got separated…The raft was ahead of Huck, but he couldn’t see a thing in the thick fog.
What did Huck and Jim do to try to locate each other? They ‘whooped’ at each other to try to get a location.
When Huck finally caught up with Jim, hat trick did Huck play on him? Jim was asleep, so Huck climbed on the raft, laid down and then woke Jim up. He pretended that they never got separated at all and convinced Jim he had just dreamed it al.
How does Jim feel about the trick? He is really hurt that Huck would make a fool of him like that when he was so worried and was so happy Huck was okay.(Huck did apologize.)
What has Jim built on the raft? A wigwam for protection from the weather/a place to rest.
Were they confident about finding Cairo?Why did they NOT want to go past Cairo? No. They were trying to decide how to figure that out.They could end up deep in the southern states and that would be dangerous for Jim.
As Jim talked more about getting close to freedom, what began to bother Huck? His conscience began to bother him. He felt guilty for not telling someone about Jim and have him returned to his ‘rightful owner’.(Ms Watson)
What was Jim going to do with his money when he got to a free state and got a job? save money and buy his wife’s freedom (and then they would both work to buy their children’s freedom.)
What did Jim say about his children that really upset Huck? If the owner wouldn’t let Jim buy them, then he would get an abolitionist (whites opposed to slavery–wanted to abolish it) to go steal the children.
What made Huck feel better and ease his conscience? He decided he would paddle ashore and tell that he had a runaway slave.
What did Jim say that made it harder for Huck to turn him in? As Huck is leaving in the canoe, Jim praises him for helping him be free, for being his friend and for being the only white man to ever keep a promise to Jim.
What did Huck say to the slave traders to keep them from going to the raft and seeing Jim? He tells them that his pap, his mam, and Mary Ann are sick on the raft. He infers (leads them to believe) they have smallpox.
What do the men do when they assume the family has smallpox? Tell Huck to go on down the river and not come ashore.Each gives Huck $20. ( A LOT of money for that time!)
Does Huck feel better because he saved Jim from the slave traders? He does not feel better at first. He feels as if he has done the wrong thing.
Explain the difference between Huck and the slave hunters (in regard to turning in run away slaves). The hunters are doing it to make money. Huck was going to do it because of his conscience. He thought it was the right thing to do.
What finally made Jim feel better? He thought that if he had turned Jim in, he would feel as bad as he did for not turning him in.
Huck and Jim began to wonder if they passed Cairo in the fog. When did they know they had gone too far and missed Cairo? They can tell that they are below the Ohio River because clear water from the Ohio is drifting into the muddy Mississippi.
What did Jim and Huck blame their bad luck on? The rattlesnake skin
They decided they had no choice but to start paddling back up river in the canoe because you couldn’t go upriver on a raft. What did they find when the went back to the raft at night? The canoe was gone!
What was the next bad luck they had as they traveled the river’s edge in the raft while trying to find a place that sold canoes? A steamboat hit the raft and smashed part of it up.
What happened to Huck and Jim after the crash? Huck called for Jim but never heard him.He grabbed a plank, and because of the current, had to go to the bank on the other side of the river.
chapter 17Huck came to a home that belonged to the Grangerfords. Why did they all have guns pointed at Huck when they let him in the house? They wanted to be sure he wasn’t one of the Shepherdsons. The two families had been having a feud for 30 years and nobody knew how it got started.
What is the name Huck gave as his name to the family and how did he remember it the next morning when he realized he had forgotten it. George JacksonHe dared Buck to spell it…he did and that’s how Huck remembered his fake name.
Who was Emmeline Grangerford? What is peculiar about her drawings and some of the poetry she wrote? A daughter who had died at 15.Her drawings were depressing and sad.Her poems were about death. She had a tribute poem written for someone very soon after they died.
Chapter 18What happened one day when Buck and Huck were in the woods hunting? Harney Sheperdson came by and Buck shot at him from behind and hit his hat.
How did the Colonel feel about Buck shooting at Harney? He should have stepped out and faced him, not shot at him from behind a bush as he was riding away.
Describe the church service with the two feuding families there. Ironic–The men all had their guns and held them between their knees or they were propped against a wall. the preacher spoke about brotherly love.
What did Sophia (Buck’s sister) ask Huck to do? She said she left her Bible at the church and would he go and get it and not tell anyone.
Huck was suspicious, so he looked in the Bible. What did he find? A note that said ‘half past two’. When Sophia asked if he read it, Huck said he couldn’t read, but he had read it. He had no idea what it meant though.
Huck left the house and realized his servant Jack was following him. Jack told Huck he wanted to show him some water moccasins. What did Huck actually find? Jim sleeping.
How did Jim come to be hiding in the woods? Jim heard Huck calling the night the raft crashed but he was afraid to call out. He got to shore like Huck, but he was afraid of the dogs. The slaves had showed him the hiding place and had been bringing him food and other things. They were very helpful to Jim.
Why had Jim asked Jack to lead Huck to him now and not earlier? Jim had been repairing the raft and replacing things they had lost. The raft had only been damaged and some of the slaves found it caught on a snag in the bend.
What had happened the morning Huck woke up and Buck was gone and the house was silent?What was the result? The men had all gone to fight the Sheperdsons because Sophia had run off and married Harney Stephenson. Rsult: Huck found Buck dead and never wanted to go back to the house again, but to get to Jim and leave on their raft.
Why did Twain include this adventure with the Grangerfords? He is addressing the foolishness of human nature. He thought feuds were stupid and pointless.
chapter 19How did Huck describe their raft ride down the Mississippi after leaving the Grangerford’s? He said it was ‘lovely’They traveled at night and knew morning was coming when they started to see candles light up windows of homes on the shore. They would find a place to tie up the raft, catch fish and cook them, and sleep and be lazy during the day.
What does Huck find at the beginning of chapter 19? a canoe
How did Huck and Jim meet the king and duke? Huck and Jim meet the Duke and the King when they are both on the run from townspeople because they had conned them. (the Duke had been selling something to take the tartar off teeth – only it took the enamel off too, and the King had been running a temperence revival, and his followers found out he’d been drinking). They see Huck in his canoe and ask him to help them escape.
What did Huck figure out pretty quickly about the two men? They were liars and fakes, but he didn’t say anything because he wanted peace on the raft.
How did Huck answer when they asked why they only went downriver at night and wanted to know if Jim was a runaway slave? He said his pap, his 4-year-old brother, Ike, and him were traveling south when a steamboat hit the front corner of the raft. His pap was drunk so he drowned, and they never saw Ike. When they traveled in the daytime, people kept coming out and wanting to take Jim thinking he was a runaway.Because of that, Huck said they traveled at night only.(Huck was a GREAT liar!)
Give two examples of the ‘cleverness’ of the king and duke. 1)The King and Huck go to a Camp meeting (like a revival with singing and preaching) The preacher asked people to come and repent. The king made up a story about being a pirate who ended up there with no money and he was glad because he didn’t want to be a pirate any more and even though he had no money, he wanted to go back to the Indian Ocean and reform other pirates. he was crying and the people got caught up in it and took up a collection for him. $87The Duke meanwhile sold subscriptions to a paper that would never be published and made a lot of money too.
How did the king come up with a way for them to travel in the daytime? He printed up a ‘wanted’ poster that described Jim exactly. He said they would tie Jim up with ropes when anyone saw them and pretend they were transporting him to get the reward.

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