Huck Finn Chapter 23

What is the king wearing when he first comes out on stage as Edmund Kean the Elder? nothing–he was naked and just painted all over
What happened when the crowd didn’t like the show? They told them to go out and tell everyone else in the town to see it as well.
What happened on the third night? they could see that people had brough rotten cabbages and eggs to throw at them, so they snuck out
What word does Jim use to describe the kings? rapscallions
What does Jim think of the duke and the king? He questions whether they are real and also he says he doesn’t want to be around them anymore
What story does Huck tell Jim to explain the character of a real king? He tells a botched version of King Henry the 8th
What is Jim upset about at the end of the chapter? He misses his wife and children
What is wrong with his daughter? she is deaf and dumb

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