Huck Finn Chapter 1-18 Review

How does Huck feel about being “civilized” in Ch.1? He doesn’t like it, because he wants to remain free. He doesn’t get along with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson because of it.
In the beginning of the story, who does Huck live with? Widow Douglas.
In Chapter 2, Tom Sawyer forms a gang. What is the purpose of that gang? Robbery and murder (p.7)
What does Huck feel about praying? He “don’t take no stock” in prayer
How does Huck feel about Pap? He disliked Pap
Why does Huck sell his fortune to Judge Thatcher? Huck gave Judge Thatcher his money because he knew Pap would want all the money for alcohol.
Give at least three examples of superstition found so far in the novel. Huck and the gang talk about rubbing a lamp to make a genie appear; Huck needs the “hair ball” to work; the worst luck in the world is touching a snakeskin; it’s bad luck to look at the face of a dead man.
Explain how Pap feels about Huck going to school. Pap forbids it because he doesn’t want a son that’s smarter than he is. Pap never went to school, and neither did Huck’s mother, and they were just fine without it.
When Pap came back, explain why Huck enjoyed (for a while) living with him. Huck didn’t have to be “civilized” around Pap- he didn’t have to attend school, and he could cuss.
Explain the plan Huck creates to escape from Pap. He is going to make it look like he’s been murdered; He killed a pig, spread the blood all over the house, and dumped the body in the river. Huck then leaves for Jackson Island.
How does Huck feel about material possessions? Give one example from the text to support your stance. He doesn’t feel they’re necessary- he gives his money to Judge Thatcher, and he’s always leaving things behind.
When Huck’s been “murdered”, how does the town react? They search for his body in the river, to no luck (They shoot cannonballs to make the body come to the surface.) Later, both Jim and Pap are accused of the murder.
Why was Jim on Jackson’s Island? Jim ran away from Miss Watson because she was going to sell him to someone from New Orleans.
What did Jim and Huck find in the floating house? They found a body and some useful supplies.
Explain why Huck goes ashore dressed as a girl. Huck goes ashore as a girl because he is supposed to be dead.
What does Huck learn when he goes into town dressed as a girl? He learns that the townspeople think Pap or Jim may have killed Huck, and there are rewards out for both of them.
When Huck is pretending he is a girl, what alias does he use? When he is found to be a boy, what story does he give as a lie? Sarah Williams; Mary WilliamsHuck is a runaway apprentice named George Peters
Give one example from the text that demonstrate that Huck and Jim are friends. Huck runs away with Jim and says “They’re after US.” Also, Huck decides to never play mean pranks on Jim after Jim was hurt/offended by the prank Huck pulled after they were separated in the fog.
Why do Huck and Jim journey down the Mississippi on a raft? Because people are going to look for them on Jackson’s Island.
What is the name of the foundering boat Jim and Huck explore? The Walter Scott.
What do Huck and Jim find aboard the Walter Scott? murderers
Why does Huck want to save the murderers? He thinks they’re in an awful situation, and one day he might be a murderer.
How does Huck send help to the Walter Scott? Huck found the watchman ashore and said that his family was on the wreck so that they could get rescued.
What happened to the murderers on the Walter Scott? They drowned because the boat shifted.
Describe the trick Huck plays on Jim when they were separated in the fog. Jim was asleep when Huck returned, so Huck pretended that Jim was dreaming the events of being separated.
Explain why the slave hunters in the town don’t take Jim. Huck made up a story about his father having smallpox and so the hunters wouldn’t go near it. Jim was hiding under the blanket.
How do Huck and Jim lose their raft? The steamboat on the river runs it over.
Who are the Grangerfords? How does Huck meet them? Huck comes upon their home after he jumps off the raft. They are a family that have been feuding with the Shepherdsons.
Explain what the title “I Spare Miss Watson’s Jim” means. Huck had to decide whether or not to turn Jim in, so he “spares” him because it’s the right thing to do.
How does Jim demonstrate that he cares about Huck? Give one example from the story. Jim won’t let Huck look at the face of the dead man (he doesn’t want to talk about it.)Jim is hurt after Huck plays a prank on him.
How did the snake that bit Jim come to be in his blanket? Huck put its dead mate there, and the snake crawled in and bit Jim
What is the plan Huck and Jim have once they reach Cairo by raft? They sell the raft and use the money to book passage on a steamboat to the free states.
How does Huck solve the problem of forgetting his name? He has Buck spell it.
What does Huck think of the Grangerford’s home? He thinks its beautiful.
Who is Emmeline Grangerford? What happened to her? Emmeline was a daughter in the Grangerford family who drew pictures of death and mourning. She herself became sick and died when she was fifteen.
Why were the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons feuding? They don’t remember why- it’s been too long.
How were Jim and Huck reunited? The slave of the Grangerfords led him to Jim, who had been hiding in the woods the whole time.
What had Jim been doing while Huck was with the Grangerfords? He’d been fixing the raft.
Why did Miss Sophia ask Huck to get her testament from the church? A note from a Shepherdson was in there. She later ran off with him.
What does Huck do to leave the Grangerfords? During a big fight with the Shepherdsons, he flees. He wants the Grangerfords to think he’s been shot and his body was lost in the river. He leaves with Jim on the raft.

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