Huck Finn Allusions

Moses Huck a Moses figure, leading Jim to safety
Don Quijote man who lives in alternate reality, making it up in his mind Tom Sawyer the dreamer or don quijote, Huck his assistant Sancho who goes a long, but also a realist, lies when it suits him
Adam the first man- must work by sweat of brow
Cain first murderer given mark (dark skin) racist implications- raising Cain
Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the South
Jim Crow laws and minstrel shows-separate but equal
Temperance Movement ban alcohol
christopher columbus Huck wants to be an explorer on the steam boat- Huck discovering his own new world
Abolitionist those who wanted slaves free
Jacob and Essau Jim taling about who gets to be rightful heir- hairy chest- rich
Sir Walter Scott Romantic writer Mark Twain hated
King Solomon son of David, wise king
Henry VIII beheaded wives
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette King and Queen of France. the excesses of the throne
Dauphin Nobody knows, imposters (like king) in America
Fugitive Slave Act stop runaway slaves
Pilgrim’s Progress Christian Allegory- trying to find heaven, characters have names of traits.
Henry Clay pushed for expansion
George Washington and Lafayette
Declaration of Independence Huck gets it mixed up saying it was Henry VIII
William Shakespeare lots of parodies to his plays such as the king and the dukes, but considered a low down act.
Romeo and Juliet famous William Shakespeare play
Richard III kings bad-
Hamlet Hamlet moral dilemma, wants to avenge father’s death, but does not want to have uncle’s blood on his hands. Huck doesn’t know what to do about Jim because helping an escaped slave.
Brazen Serpent When Moses lifts his staff, if the people will look upon it with faith they will survive- Temperance movement
Macbeth murdering someone in th house
Ku Klux Klan lynchings, racist movement, Colonel Shepardson
Thousand and One Nights told 1001 stories to prevent from getting killed
Boston Tea PArty attributed to Henry VIII
King Lear 3 daughters, divide kingdom based on how much praise him- first 2 praise him a lot, get kingdom, kick him out, 3rd really does love him, finds him
the muses goddess inspiring learning and the arts
Methuselah oldest man in old testament
Judas betrays Christ. Huck betraying the widow
Pluribus-unum out of many, one. Pluribus unum mumps- democracy/diversity=strength
David and Goliath Huck and man dragging him to coffin
Act 17: all one tribe, act saying: God created all, we are all equal.

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