Huck Finn 16-31

What does Jim plan to do once he’s a free man? What is Huck’s reaction to the plan? Jim plans to buy back his wife and children out of slavery and flee to the free state of Illinois. Huck is torn between this idea, he has grown up in an environment that teaches him slaves are viewed as property, and since he has helped Jim escape, it was basically like stealing from Miss Watson. The decision was tough but ultimately Huck decides to help Jim but settles with the fact he will most likely go to hell for helping him.
Briefly describe the duke and the king. What might Twain be satirizing through the use of the characters? The two men are frauds who are trying to escape the punishment of tarring and feathering by an angry mob of townspeople. One man is in about his seventies and shows signs of aging such as balding. The other man is younger, about 30 years of age. The younger man fools Huck and Jim convincing them he is the Duke of Bridgewater. Huck and Jim continue and start catering to the man like he is loyalty. The other man grows jealous and states that he is Louis XVII. Huck and Finn treat both men like royalty, but Huck can clearly see through their facade.
What does Buck say when Huck asks him how the feud between the Shepherdsons and the Grangerfords got started? What is ironic about Buck’s response? Buck says that the feud started when a man had a quarrel with another man, kills him, then the other man’s brother kills that man, then it starts to really form into a family affair with brothers killing brothers and cousins killing cousins. What’s most ironic about what Buck says that the feud started so long ago that neither side remembers who started it or why it started in the first place.
Who is Colonel Sherburn? Briefly sum up the speech he makes to the mob. What aspect of human nature does he criticize? Colonel Sherburn is easily the wealthiest person in the town Huck Finn finds himself in. He is a store owner and shoots a drunkard named Boggs who was threatening to kill him. Sherburn kills Boggs but goes on to lecture the mob labeling them as cowardly. He tells them that they were too willing to gang up in a mob without really knowing or having a reason to do so, just wanting to take power into their own hands.
Throughout the whole book, Huck is taught that “sivilized society” is right and he is wrong. As a result he thinks that he will go to hell for rescuing Jim. What is ironic about Huck’s situation? What evil does the irony expose? It is ironic because Jim is right, no one should be enslaved and be treated with such brutality and disrespect. Huck’s situation reveals the evils of slavery and that “sivilized society” is wrong about the treatment of slaves.

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