Huck Finn

What do we know about Huck from the way he talks? He is not very educated and is probably from the south.
What is a stretcher? It’s an over exaggerated part of a story or a lie
Why does Mark Twain begin The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with a reference to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? To tie the stories together. Tom Sawyer is Huckleberry Finn’s best friend.
How does Huck feel about being civilized? He feels like it’s boring, he doesn’t like to ask civilized, he likes to do whatever he wants.
“The widow she cried over me, and called me a poor lost lamb, and she called me a lot of other names too, but she never meant no harm by it.” Exactly where does the humor of the sentence lie? When it says “she called me a lot of other names to but she never meant no harm by it”, she can be nice but also mean.
Why does Huck perfer “the bad place” to “the good place”? Because Tom Sawyer isn’t going to the good place, and he wants to stay with his best friend. Also he doesn’t want to go where the widow is.
What does Huck’s reaction to the burning of the spider show was about him? He is very superstitious.
What trick does Tom play on Jim? He hangs Jim’s hat from the branch above him, so he thinks he was taken around the world by witches.
How does Huck feel about it? He thought it was risky and unnecessary, he didn’t want to be involved.
What is the difference between Tom and Huck? Huck is nicer than Tom and Tom is the foolish one.
How does Jim react to the track? He goes and tells all of his friends because he thinks it really happened.
If you were going to join Tom Sawyer’s game, what would you have to agree to do? Seal things and kill people and never tell on anyone. Take the oath and sign your name and blood.
What do we learn about Tom as the head of the gang? He thinks he is the best out of everyone and that he is the only one who calls the shots. He’s a good leader but has a crazy imagination.
How does Ben Rogers react to the ransoming idea? He thinks it’s pointless, he wonders why not just kill them because they’re hiding spot will overflow.
What does Huck think about praying? He thinks it’s pointless and that it doesn’t work.
Why does Huck decided that there must be two providences? Because he doesn’t know why God would be better off without him. Watson describes it differently.
What does Huck think of pap? He didn’t like Pap and was okay with him being gone.
Why does Huck resign from the gang? He didn’t believe what time it was telling him, he tried it himself and it didn’t work. He also thought it was boring and that it was make-believe.
Huck and Tom have very different outlooks on A-Rabs and on rubbing lamps. What does a show about them? Issues that they are very different and think and different ways, it also makes them seem stubborn. Huck isn’t into make-believe and is more serious.
Why does Huck sell his fortune to judge Thatcher? He gives it to him for a dollar so that his dad can’t have it.
What does the hairball tell Jim about Hucks future? He will have a good life with little downfalls.
Describe Pap He is a mean greedy old man, he gets drunk all the time, and has pure white skin.
Why does Huck at first enjoy living with Pap? Because he doesn’t have to act civilized.
Is Pap believable? Yes I believe he is away that Huck described him.
How does the new judge find out how Pap really is? When he goes into the spare room have is gone and drunk because he left and sold his new clothes for whiskey.
Why is Huck going to school now? Because Pat doesn’t want him to.
How does Pap feel about Huck going to school? He thinks Huck shouldn’t go to school and become educated, because he isn’t smart and didn’t get to go to school.
How does pap feel about government and educated ******s? It’s not fair that they get to do all the things white man get to do, and that the government is it fair to all people.
Account for pap’s unusual behavior. He has been drinking more whiskey than usual.
Why does Huck kill the pig? To make it look like his blood, that he was killed.
As Huck prepares to escape, he wishes Tom Sawyer were there. I know he would take an interest in this kind of business, and throw in the fancy touches. How are hooks preparations different from those Tom would make? Hug makes it seem like he was killed where is Tom would have just left.
Describe Huck’s emotions when he first said out on the river. He is scared because he sees pap on the ferry boat.
Where is Huck headed? To Jackson Island.

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