HR – Chapter 10 Vocabulary Practice

ENERGY is the capacity for work, or that force that helps us do things with vitality and intensity.
POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY A branch of psychology that focuses on positive human functioning.
PRIDE The emotional high that follows performance and success.
SERENITY A mindful state that carries the urge to savor your current circumstances and find ways to integrate them into your life more fully.
REINFORCER A stimulus that follows a response and increases the probability that the response will occur again.
POSITIVE REINFORCERS A stimulus that strengthens a response if they are experienced after the response occurs.
NARCISSISM A preoccupation with the self.
INCENTIVE PROGRAM A planned activity designed to motivate employees to achieve an organizational objective.
THANK YOU Two little words that can greatly enhance your ability to improve interpersonal relations with friends, coworkers, and complete strangers.
ACTIVE LISTENING The process of sending back to the speaker what you as a listener think the speaker meant in terms of both content and feelings.
TOO BUSY SYNDROME When you are under a great deal of pressure to get your work done, and you are struggling to achieve work/life balance.
GRATITUDE Human qualities that benefits the giver and the receiver.

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