Honors Lang 3-4: Macbeth Act III Response and Analysis 1-6

In the short soliloquy that opens Scene 1, what does Banquo reveal about Macbeth? What does he decide to do? He reveals that he suspects Macbeth has played a foul game in acquiring the throne, but realizes the witches also prophesied that he would father a line of kings.He decides not to say anything else about it.
How and why does Macbeth arrange Banquo’s murder? How is Lady Macbeth involved in the murder? Macbeth hires murderers and argues that their oppression is Banquo’s doing. Lady Macbeth is kept out of the plan.
In Scene 3, who escapes the murderers? Fleance escapes
Describe what happens in Scene 4 when Ross, Lennox, and the other lords Invite Macbeth to share their table. What does Macbeth do? What does Lady Macbeth do? Macbeth is tormented and sees visions of Banquo’s ghost.He has uncontrollable outburst; Lady Macbeth tries to cover for him, but eventually tells everyone to leave.
Macduff does not appear at all in Act 3. Where is he, and why? Macduff has gone to England to rally with King Edward and Malcolm. He plans to overthrow Macbeth.
By Scene 6, what opinion do Lennox and the other lords hold of Macbeth? Lennox does not buy into the recent murders andfind Macbeth to be tyrannical and suspect.