Honor’s English vocabulary for Macbeth

Heath Wasteland
Anon A short time
Brandish Banishing a weapon
Valor Bravory
Swine Low class person
Thane Ranking ,Granting military service
Liege Feudal superior or soverant
Treason Portraying someone or some thing
Imperial Pertaining to an empire
Recompense To compensate for loss or harm
Sovereign Supreme ruler monarch
Fantastical Extravagantly fansitful
Corporal Relation to the body
Wanton Nor regard for a persons feelings
Harbinger One that announces foreshadows what is coming
Compunctions Anxiety arising from guilt & remorse
Wassail Salutations drinking to the health of others
Quell To suppress,extinguish, subdue
Adage Short statement expressing general truth
Purveyor Person who sends goods
Villian Character who evil actions or motives are important to the plot
Jutty Projecting part of a building
Mansionry Dwelling (nest,shack,mansion)
Missives Written messages/ letters