History- Why was Julius Caesar murdered?

Who was Julius Caesar? A man who wished to be King, he was a Consul.
When was he murdered? March 15 44BC.
Who murdered Caesar? He was killed by a group of conspirators/senators.
Where did he die? He died in the theater of Pompeii.
How did he die? He was stabbed 23/27/32 times.
At what age did he die? Died at the age of 55.
What evidence showed that Caesar wanted to be King? In a Latin festival, someone placed a white ribbon (sign of a King) on Caesar’s statue. The tribunes were going to eliminate the ribbon at once but Caesar just told them off.
Why was he killed? Caesar named himself “Dictator for Life”. Caesar also accepted gifts such as: a gold throne, a special priest and a month named after him.
How did some of his actions make him popular with the poor and ordinary people? Caesar pardoned thise who were against him and gained a reputation, for both bravery and goodness.
How did he become the ruler of Rome for life? He became the ruler because he wanted to make big changes to Rome but the Consul Bibilus disagreed. This caused a civil war and he won. This is the reason why.

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