Hertswood GCSE English – Macbeth: Character Profiles – Banquo

How are we introduced to Banquo at the start of the play? He is with Macbeth, another Thane of Scotland and soldier. He is with Macbeth when the Witches appear.
What does his line about Banquo reveal about his personality ‘a wisdom that doth guide his valour’? That he thinks before he acts and does what is right.
How does Banquo respond to the Witches prophesies? He is ambitious and hopes the prophesies come true, but unlike Macbeth, he is not willing to act. Banquo isn’t corrupted by his ambition like Macbeth, he remains honourable.
What does it mean when Banquo says he chooses to keep his ‘allegiance clear’? His conscience is more important to him that power and glory.
Does Banquo trust the Witches? No, unlike Macbeth he is rational and knows not to take the word of the dammed.
Why does Macbeth hire murderers to kill Banquo? He sees Banquo as a threat.

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