Hamlet vocabulary

Portentous Scary
Bulwark Barrier
Extremity Limit
Consummation Completion
Mandate Command/law
Harbinger Indicator
Firmament Heaven/sky
Orison Prayer
Conjecture Speculation
Dirge Funeral song
Paragon Model/ideal
Paradox Contradiction
Impetuous Reckless
Impious Unholy
Gratis Free
Calumny Slander
Requite Revenge/avenge
Jocund Cheerful
Savory Appetizing
Temperance Moderation
Visage Appearance
Obscure Complicated
Bier Coffin stand
Chronicles Archive/ record
Circumscribe Limit
Incensed Very angry
Inter Buried
Pestilent Poison
Superfluous Unnecessary
Importunate Persistent
Cudgel Heavy club/ weapon
Pate Persons head
Abhorred Hate
Prate Babble
Amity Friendly relationship
Dearth Lack of
Germane Appropriate
Commended Praised
Diligent Hard-working
Felicity Intense happiness
Precept Rule of conduct
Martial Military
Avouch Affirm/assert
Persual Reading/examining
Malefaction Evil deed/crime
Purge To eliminate
Buffet Blow/strike
Cleave Split/sever
Dalliance Loving play
Usurp Take illegally/ by force